Tito Ortiz responds to Jenna Jameson’s accusations of faking UFC drug tests

tito ortiz - jenna jameson

In his 15+ years as a professional MMA fighter Tito Ortiz has never tested positive for any illegal or banned substance, performance enhancing drug or steroid. However, Jenna Jameson, his longtime on-again-off-again girlfriend and mother of his twin boys is claiming she saw him fake drug tests while fighting for the UFC.

Jenna Jameson’s contradicting stories *VIDEO*

What happened between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Monday night that caused Jenna Jameson to change her story? Perhaps that press conference Tito Ortiz held around 9:30 p.m. in which his lawyer accused Jameson of being addicted to Oxycontin had something to do with it. TMZ.com picked up on the contradicting stories too. Exhibit A: … Read more

Tito Ortiz’s lawyer claims Jenna Jameson is addicted to Oxycontin *VIDEO*

UFC fighter Tito Ortiz held a press conference after being released on bail Monday afternoon. Ortiz had been arrested and charged with domestic violence by girlfriend and former porn queen Jenna Jameson. Ortiz’s lawyer, Chip Matthews, said Jameson has been battling an addiction to the prescription painkiller Oxycontin now for over a year and she … Read more