Hit or Miss? 5 Ways to fix MMA officiating and judging

Let’s face it. Sometimes referees let fights go on too long, or not long enough. Judges score the fights in bizarre ways often being the only ones who saw the fight for the winner on the scorecards. Here are the top 5 ways to fix MMA officiating. BOXING AND WRESTLING In some, if not most … Read more

Video: The finest moments of MMA referee and judge Cecil Peoples

If you have been around the mixed martial arts world for any length of time then you are no doubt familiar with the exploits of one Cecil Peoples. Maybe you’re one of the fighters who got robbed of a decision thanks to his subjective scoring criteria. Or maybe you’re one of the fighters who took a few too many extra punches while Sensei was busy daydreaming instead of refereeing. Or maybe you’re one of the fans who Master Peoples told “go to hell” after the Machida vs. Shogun fight for having the nerve to question his judging. If you are someone who fits into one of those categories, then you will likely enjoy this video even more than me.

Dana White: ‘Steve Mazzagatti shouldn’t even be watching the UFC, let alone reffing it’

UFC President Dana White recently spoke with ProMMAnow.com and other media about his desire to see retired fighters become referees and judges in MMA. He also took the opportunity to give one of his favorite examples of a referee he feels has no business inside the Octagon — that’s right, he went after Mr. “Let’s Hook-em Up” one more time: