Matt Hughes makes statement

Last week we showed you a picture of Matt Hughes holding up a racist T-shirt he signed.

Then we reported that the racist organization behind the photograph and T-shirt had released a statement about the photo and Matt Hughes.

Now the ball is back in Hughes’ court as he releases a statement on his website regarding the photo and denies any association or support of the group.

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White Boy Society responds to Hughes photo

Melvin Costa

by:  Matt De La Rosa

The white pride website that posted a photo of Matt Hughes holding up a T-shirt with racist implications autographed by the nine time champion has refuted claims that the former UFC welterweight champion supports or endorses their racist product.

Here is the response from the White Boy Society:

To whom it may concern,
Matt Hughes is not a member or supporter or associated with the White Boy Society in any way. The photograph was taken at a public autograph signing at Dales Harley-Davidson in Mt. Vernon, IL. Matt Hughes was asked after autographing 3 shirts to hold one up for a picture for our website which he did then he was rushed off to sign more autographs.

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Matt Hughes loves the fans

Some fighters charge for their autographs. Other fighters won’t give them at all because people turn around and sell them on Ebay. Then there are others who are very nice, maybe too nice, and sign an autograph for absolutely anyone. For instance, here we have Matt Hughes holding up a T-Shirt he signed for the … Read more

Tommy Speer & HIT Squad big winners at Capital City Cage Wars

by:  Jack Bratcher

Capital City Cage Wars held their debut event on November 1st in downtown Springfield, Illinois at the Prairie Capital Convention Center.

The promotion is being run by Springfield native and current Philadelphia Phillies right fielder, Jayson Werth.

The event featured both professional and amateur fighters from the central Illinois area.

Former UFC Welterweight Champion, Matt Hughes of Hillsboro had five of his students from the HIT Squad in Granite City on the card, including TUF veteran, Tommy Speer.

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