White Boy Society responds to Hughes photo

Melvin Costa

by:  Matt De La Rosa

The white pride website that posted a photo of Matt Hughes holding up a T-shirt with racist implications autographed by the nine time champion has refuted claims that the former UFC welterweight champion supports or endorses their racist product.

Here is the response from the White Boy Society:

To whom it may concern,
Matt Hughes is not a member or supporter or associated with the White Boy Society in any way. The photograph was taken at a public autograph signing at Dales Harley-Davidson in Mt. Vernon, IL. Matt Hughes was asked after autographing 3 shirts to hold one up for a picture for our website which he did then he was rushed off to sign more autographs.

The sole purpose of the photo being posted was as fans of MMA, we were showing off the autograph on the shirt. The photo was not meant to mislead people into believing that Matt Hughes supported the White Boy Society or was endorsing our products.

If we were to choose someone to endorse our products it would not be Matt Hughes. It would be someone with enough balls to stand up in front of the entire world and say ” I’m Proud To Be White!! like Melvin Costa.

This comes off the heels of a statement by Matt-Hughes.com webmaster, Nathan Rosario, who denies any involvement of Hughes with the “white pride” site or product.

Not only do we completely disagree with everything they stand for, but this “endorsement” was not obtained in a legal manner, because they are using Matt’s image without permission, said Rosario.

The report made by localwhiteboy.com can be construed as deceitful to say the least. Before the statement Nathan Rosario made became released the site had the picture of Matt Hughes holding up the shirt next to the icon on the same page where people can purchase the shirt.

It seems quite apparent the posting of the photo and the motives behind taking it were to make consumers believe Hughes endorsed their product.

Promma.info has contacted Matt Hughes’ Public Relations representative in hopes of hearing the former 170 pound kingpin’s response to this situation.

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