Watch Justin Wren on ‘The Fighter and the Kid’ podcast

After losing a decision to Roy Nelson in the TUF 10 quarterfinals, heavyweight MMA fighter Justin Wren went on to fight once in the UFC in 2009, losing a split decision to Jon Madsen. Wren returned to the regional scene in 2010 where he won three straight and improved his record to 10-2. But then … Read more

Mann Talk: why I disagree with Dr. Benjamin

Every once in a while, when I’m trolling the around blogs, I come across Dr. Johnny Benjamin’s column over on MMAJunkie. Normally, I either gloss over the article or skip it all together — a medical professional who says there is room for the neck to recoil in a Thai plum does not pique my interest. However, this week’s column sucked me in like a Billy Mays commercial.

I have long been a supporter of the ladies fighting five-minute rounds just like the men. To me, fights like Kelly Kobald vs. Gina Carano almost demand the extra time. Since I have yet to hear a credible argument against it, I figured I would peruse the Doc’s little dissenting article. Basically I was thinking “a noted combat-sports specialist” would be able to give a reasonable explanation. I was wrong.

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Dana White “Off the Record”

On Wednesday, April 15th, UFC President Dana White made an appearance on “Off the Record,” on the Canadian English language cable channel TSN (The Sports Network). The show’s host, Michael Landsberg, is known for asking very confrontational and to the point questions. He pulls no punches during the interview and of course, Dana White pulls … Read more

He’s back! – Dana White UFC 97 video blog 4/13

After a certain incident a couple of weeks ago, MMA fans almost lost their exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the life of every one’s (not Loretta Hunt) favorite promoter. However, UFC President Dana White had a change of heart and maybe even learned a lesson in the process. A Dana White video blog where he does … Read more

UFC President Dana White gives first interview after “Hunt-gate” (audio)

In case you have been in a coma this past week, you probably heard the news about UFC President Dana White using one of his famous video blogs to announce his displeasure at a certain female MMA journalist for a recent article she had written.

Due to White’s particular choice of words he used to lash out at the journalist, he has drawn the ire of mainstream media all over the country. ESPN, FOX Sports, Newsday, USA Today, and the LA Times, just to name a few, all reported on the three minute video blog.

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