Our favorite fat ninja threatening the haters, NSFW language

This is the greatest example of a basement dweller losing their mind and threatening people confusing us all whether or not it’s real or a joke. The ninja moves here would make Lyoto Machida jealous and the language puts George Carlin to shame. In this video ALL of the haters out there are put on notice by a headband wearing Juggalo who means serious biznezz. Is this a girl or guy? Help us figure it out. Check it out.


Muhammed Lawal victory brings out mo’ haters

Photo by: Esther Lin/Strikeforce - King Mo knocks out his fifth opponent.

Scarcely has there ever been a fighter so young in the sport take so much criticism as Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal. Whether it be his outspoken personality, his confidence (some say arrogance), or his flashy style, for some reason, the former NCAA national collegiate wrestling champion has an uncanny ability to polarize people.

Mo has consistently faced and beaten whoever the promotions have put in front of him without complaint. It seems people forget that fighters are not matchmakers. If certain critics had their way Mo would have fought Gegard Mousasi in his second or third fight.

Now think about that just for a second… even if the matchmakers wanted to make that fight, do you think Mousasi or his manager, at this stage of his career, would want him facing some new guy with only three fights? Sure it could make Mo a star overnight if he won, but it would ruin Mousasi if he lost.

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