24/7 Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 – episode 3

http://youtu.be/EjzX2oPf1y4 Here it is, the final episode of the HBO series 24/7 Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 as we prepare for one of the biggest rematches in boxing history tonight. Will Timothy Bradley be able to prove the doubters wrong and keep his WBO Welterweight Title he took from Manny Pacquiao back in 2012? Or will … Read more

The Ultimate Fighter 17 episode 3 recap: Hall vs. Cella

As a reminder Team Sonnen scored the first victory on the last episode and they picked Uriah Hall to fight Adam Cella next.

The episode opens with Cella and Hall talking and Cella says to Hall they may end up having the most exciting fight of the season because they both like to stand.

Mosley vs. Mayweather 24/7 *VIDEO*

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – “Sugar” Shane Mosley will take on undefeated “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather Jr. tonight in Las Vegas. HBO’s 24/7 reality series takes a look inside both camps leading up to the bout. Mosley feels he has been overlooked and is ready to test Mayweather. Also, for the first time ever these boxers … Read more

Kyacey Uscola’s “The Ultimate Fighter 11” blog – episode 3

So there we were stuck in the house, everyone was still trying to figure out who’s gonna pick who, who’s gonna win what fights. Lots of psychological warfare was going on. We had a surprise meeting after one of our practices and Dana comes walking out with the coaches.  Had no idea what was to … Read more

UFC Primetime: St. Pierre vs. Hardy – episode 3 *VIDEO*

This is part three of the three-part “UFC Primetime: St. Pierre vs. Hardy” series that originally aired on Spike TV. The program goes behind the scenes as UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre prepares for his UFC 111 March 27 title defense against Britain’s Dan Hardy. If you missed episode one and two you can … Read more