Alex “Bruce Leroy” Caceres interview; it’s “make or break” at UFC Live 5’s Susan Cingari caught up with Alex “Bruce Leroy” Caceres to talk about his upcoming fight with undefeated featherweight Jim Hettes. We also get a peek at Alex training.

TUF 12 quarterfinal spotlight: A talk with Team GSP’s Alex Caceres aka “Bruce Leroy”

He reads Edgar Allen Poe and Aristotle, writes poetry, meditates and listens to classic hard rock, like Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles and James Brown. This sounds like a person from the hippie generation…

Miami Vale Tudo starring Bruce Leroy *VIDEO*

Alex Caceres is one of the most colorful personalities on The Ultimate Fighter 12. You might be surprised to know he was like a mini-Kimbo, but better. Check out these videos of “Bruce Leroy” getting down backyard brawler style.