The cutest and realest anti-bullying policy you will ever hear from a kindergartener

Caidyn Bennett is our new hero.  This little girl is in kindergarten and smarter than most adults.  She warns any possible bullies that she’s not afraid to get a “rainy day“ if they mess with her because they will “catch these hands”. No black eyes from little Johnny. Check it out and smile with us.

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Gracie Bullyproof and the transformation of Austin McDaniel

As a parent this might be one of the most important videos you ever see. If your child has suffered at the hands of a bully, there are answers.

Austin McDaniel is a 14-year-old boy from Indiana who loves video games and electric guitar. He’s a good student with loving parents. In September 2012, Austin was assaulted at school in front of his peers by a bully who choked him from behind and ultimately knocked him out with punches. The whole thing was caught on tape.