ISIS threat may force Sunday’s Survivor Series to be rescheduled

ISIS is planning an attack on WWE’s Survivor Series tomorrow night. Well, that’s what the hacker group anonymous is saying. The FBI issued an official statement: The FBI is aware of reports of an alleged threat that includes an Atlanta, Georgia venue and event. While we take all threats seriously, we do not have specific or credible information of … Read more

Anonymous group targets ‘Kimye’, some NSFW (VIDEO)

The group “Anonymous” that is famous for hacking and exposing corruption to make a point has taken aim at Kanye West’s massive ego and wife Kim Kardashian’s famous backside. It is no secret that Kanye West believes he is the smartest man on the planet completely missing the idiotic things he does to the contrary. … Read more

Dana White in-depth interview: ‘Girl on Guy’ podcast

Host of “Girl on Guy” podcast, Aisha Tyler, helps reveal a different side of UFC President Dana White as he talks about his early life growing up in Las Vegas and on the East Coast, how he got involved with the fight business, eventually convinced the Fertitta brothers to purchase the UFC and how they were able to turn it into the uber-successful fight promotion it is today.