Mann Talk – Ben Askren’s 2009

With MMA, Askren won't be selling shirts anymore
With MMA, Askren won't be selling shirts anymore

Last week Bellator FC announced the signing of welterweight prospect Ben Askren. The 2008 Olympian is seen as a quality signing for the budding promotion. A lot has been made about American wrestlers moving into MMA since there is very little money in pure wrestling. However, Askren intends to continue to compete in both sports. The dual desire left him with one of busiest schedules of 2009. 2010 should be just as busy. In addition to the BFC tournament, “Funky” also recently announced that he intends to compete for the U.S. in the freestyle world championships. Let’s take a look back at Ben Askren’s 2009.

2/7/2009 MMA Debut against Josh Flowers
Six months after competing in the 2008 Olympic Games, Askren made his MMA debut on a card he also promoted. He quickly dispatched Josh Flowers in the first round. After an early takedown, he moved the mount and then the back. Heavy strikes forced the referee to stop the fight after 1:25. (video)

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Frankie Trigg’s blog – getting ready for Serra and thoughts on UFC 107

Frankie looking for the win.

Hey guys I know it’s been awhile but it’s hard to keep up with all my tournaments and practices.

I’m having a great season so far, I’m 10-4 with two tournaments, and two 2nd place finishes. I’m ranked 7th in state and have a lot more to go.

One week ago was the first time I made it to the finals of  a tournament and it was awesome. I lost that match 10-6. And on Saturday I made it again and lost 5-4.

I made some really bad mistakes, not in the match but in practice and weight management that made me exhausted and not focus on the conditioning or technique of wrestling but more on the weight aspect, and that can be really bad for anyone during a season.

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Frankie Trigg’s blog – wrestling update & thoughts on UFC 106

Wandy and Frankie

Hey guys it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog. Things have been pretty crazy lately I had my first tournament last weekend I got another one on Saturday and with making weight and school and a girlfriend I got a lot on my plate.

Lets start with last Saturday, it was the preseason classic and boy was it fun! Starts out Friday with me cutting weight to make 152 lbs. and I woke up the next morning .6 over. So I ran in sweats around the gym trying to lose weight. I ended up losing 2.6 lbs.

I make the weight drink some water (which means about 2 gallons) and went and did my work on the mat. First match I slipped the head and arm throw and came up on top. Got my two points and worked for some tilts I ended up getting a half nelson and turning him for the pin in under a minute.

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Georges St. Pierre’s Olympic dream

Gentry is just road block for GSP
Matt Gentry is just one roadblock for GSP

During the lead up to UFC 105, the world’s number one welterweight, Georges St. Pierre, said that he was interested in wrestling for his native Canada in the 2012 Olympics. Dana White surprisingly said that he would be open to the idea of his star’s participating, but there is really not much chance of this happening. Let’s look at some of the roadblocks that will keep this fantasy from coming true.

Time Commitment
It makes sense that White would have no problem with one of his stars taking some time off to compete in the Olympics. For once the UFC might get some positive media attention. However, it is not like St. Pierre could just take off six months and come back. In order to qualify for the 2012 games, the champion would need to place in the top eight of either the 2011 world championships or the 2012 Pan-American championships. This means that St. Pierre would need to take time off to not only train for the Olympics, but also for these competitions. That will be a little bit too much time off for White.

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Mann Talk – MMA’s Golden Boys

Rulon Gardner could have been an MMA star
Rulon Gardner could have been an MMA star

On Monday, World Victory Road finally announced the MMA debut of Satoshi Ishii. The 2008 Olympic gold medalist will take on fellow gold medalist Hidehiko Yoshida. The bout will take place on Sengoku’s year-end show.

The match up between gold medalists will certainly be interesting to Japanese fans. Tokyo is currently in a bidding war with Chicago, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro to host the 2016 games. Ishii vs. Yoshida will be the second match up between Olympic gold medalists in MMA. On New Year’s Eve 2004, Yoshida lost to American Greco-Roman gold medalist Rulon Gardner.

Questions persist about how good Ishii can actually be. Extensive research has shown that a total of nine Olympic gold medalists to compete in MMA. Their overall record is 29-21-1. Let us take a look at them.

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Know your Abu Dhabi: In-depth with ADCC Regionals promoter Brett Boyce

Bringing more attention to grappling and BJJ is one of our objectives here at PRO MMA ( That being said, we recently spoke with the promoter for ADCC Regional Tournaments Brett Boyce who explained how their new competition series works.

“If you are a kid, teen, beginner or an intermediate, you will be able to grapple in a no-gi tournament that has different rules than most other tournaments,” Boyce said. He also explained how ADCC Regionals is the place to be if you want to move on to the big leagues, “You can start to learn how to compete in an ADCC tournament if you have bigger and better plans, like Worlds. ADCC officials will be at every tournament scouting talent.”

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Before they were fighters: Cain Velasquez edition

Arizona State’s wrestling program has produced more MMA fighters than any other collegiate athletic team. The list includes Don Frye, Dan Severn, Dan Henderson, and more. Recently, CB Dollaway, Ryan Bader, and Cain Velasquez have been making news as the next generation of ASU wrestlers competing in MMA.

This weekend heavyweight Cain Velasquez takes on the biggest test of his MMA career in Cheick Kongo at UFC 99. Today, BTWF takes a look back at his wrestling career. In his only season at Iowa Central CC, Velasquez won a junior college championship at heavyweight. After transferring to Arizona State, he continued his winning ways by bringing home two Pac 10 championships, and he was also a two-time All-American.

Video of Cain Velasquez in NCAA action after the jump…

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