Gambling has long been controversial, even among regular people, let alone athletes. Many governments forbid gambling because it’s thought to be addictive and dangerous to society. 

Due to their preference for a good challenge, many of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters like visiting casinos. They experience an adrenaline rush without running the risk of harming their physical health that they’d face in the octagon. Since both physical and online casinos promote the UFC, there’s an interaction between the two that several UFC athletes have taken advantage of to make significant gains.

It happens more frequently than ever before, particularly nowadays that punters may use the enormous quantities of money they make from their jobs to wager at both renowned local casinos and online casinos, which provide these well-known people a more private and anonymous gaming experience. 

Here are some well-known MMA figures who like to gamble at casinos.

Dana White

The president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and an avid blackjack player is Dana Frederick White Jr. Naturally, such fervor has high risks, and in Dana’s case, extremely high stakes. He loves to play high-stakes games and can undoubtedly afford it because he’s a well-known businessman and celebrity. In his scenario, regular spending of $25,000 per hand is pretty common. Dana White gained notoriety for being a superb blackjack player. The game’s rules are complex, and you must be an excellent strategist to succeed.

Dana was so skilled at blackjack that Palm Casino, the venue he used to play, started modifying the rules just for him. They started by loosening the wagering requirements until they had no choice but to kick White out of the casino. This is not surprising considering that he initially won $2 million before going on to win a staggering $5 million.

Conor McGregor

He’s highly known for his haughty behavior and intimidating performances, and as seen by his money account, he has been rather successful thus far. He won millions of dollars from his bout with world champion Floyd Mayweather thanks to his amateur boxing skills. 

Each of his post-match parties is held in Wynn Vegas. His digital successes, which also include online gambling software, thematic online slots, and a number of training programs, bring in additional revenue.

Lex Veldhuis

Former (one-time) professional fighter Lex Veldhuis now broadcasts poker games and has established himself as a notable poker player. In poker games in 2020, Veldhuis earned US $62,620. According to Veldhuis, he plays shows his best when all of his money is on the line.

This fighter certainly takes risks both inside and outside of the ring. With that mindset, Veldhuis would undoubtedly enjoy playing at the Australian aristocrat pokies online. Later in 2021, Veldhuis issued Bertrand Grospellier, a fellow poker professional, a six-figure kickboxing stake. Given that neither of them seemed to have any prior kickboxing experience at the moment they placed the wager, he felt he had a considerable advantage over ElkY in the fight. 

The Online Pro Team of Pokerstars includes Veldhuis. In addition to being a superstar in mixed martial arts, he is a well-known figure in the poker industry.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva, a well-known fighter who goes by the moniker “Spider“, is quite likely one of the best to ever compete. Silva not only has a powerful punch, but he also loves to gamble. 

Anderson frequently visits a nearby casino to wager on a variety of games. He has had a good deal of success in his gambling endeavors, largely because he wagers on games that have lesser payouts but higher winning chances. He also likes to wager on sports. He currently utilizes his social media accounts to attract new clients, and he routinely advertises various betting operators there.

Summing Up

Many famous fighters like to gamble, and while some are lucky and win big, others aren’t and squander their wealth. The excitement of gambling and betting at reputable casinos and casino websites at hasn’t yet been felt by many of them. The most they can really do is keep a careful eye on events and stay current with the most recent betting odds because, in the end, everything comes down to luck.

These are only a few of the many fighters who take pleasure in gambling. You can learn a number of things from their exploits. The most important one is to constantly set aside a particular amount of money anytime you want to gamble, either at a physical casino or an online casino and to bet sensibly.

The majority of fighters bet foolishly and frequently lose even if they tout it as a source of entertainment. The cutbacks are not a big problem, though, as they are already incredibly affluent. Regrettably, this isn’t always the case, so you shouldn’t blindly copy them.