DENVER — is on the scene live at ReelWorks tonight for Invicta’s one-night straw weight championship tournament. Competing tonight in the semifinals for the 115-pound title will be Brazil’s Valesca “Tina Black” Machado (10-3) taking on 20-year-old Ediana “Mel Pitbull” Silva (12-2), and UFC veteran Gloria “Glorinha” de Paula (6-5) taking on Polish newcomer Karolina “Polish Assassin” Wójcik (9-2).

The winners of the semifinal matchups will meet in the main event finals for the vacant Invicta FC straw weight belt. Minna Grusander will standby as a reserve fighter in case one of the ladies is unable to compete in the finals.

In tonight’s co-main event, former bantamweight title challenger Katharina Lehner (7-3) of Germany faces UFC veteran Talita Bernardo (8-4). Also on the card, Denver’s own “Grizzly” Claire Guthrie (3-1) takes on Brigid “Khan” Chase (3-1).

The fights kick off at 9 p.m. ET/7 p.m. MT and you can catch the live stream right here courtesy of Invicta FC’s official YouTube channel. Stick with us here at for all our live ringside updates.

Invicta FC 50 Fight Card:

Flyweight: Melissa Oddessa vs. Elise Pone

Round 1 – Pone with a couple kicks to start, Oddesa throwing hands. More low kicks from Pone. They tie up against the cage. Knee from Pone. More knees from the clinch from Pone. Oddessa looking for the trip. But Pone wrestles her down with a headlock, goes for the back but ends up on bottom. Oddesa with top control as Pone hangs on in North/South position. Odessa moves to side control but Pone is able to escape to her feet while still controlling Odessa in the clinch. Knee from Pone, Odessa’s back to the cage. She takes more knees. Corner calls for more and Pone answers. Pone rolls her to the ground with a choke attempt but round is over. 10-9 Pone as I see it.

Round 2 – High kick from Pone. Couple front kick attempts and Odessa puts her against the cage. The wrestle in the clinch for quite a bit. Pone working knees and Odessa with some body shots before she turns Pone around. Pone reverses her against the cage and lands some great knees to the thighs. Odessa firing back some knees now. Still tied up until end of round. Pone 10-9 as I see it.

Round 3 – Leg kick from Pone then closes in with some punches to get the clinch again, pushing Odessa against the cage. More knees to the thighs from Pone who is constantly working this whole fight. Body shots from Odessa and a left hook to the head. They separate briefly to throw a few punches but back to the clinch. Front kick from Pone but she pays for it by eating a couple punches. Pone presses her back to the cage where she’s controlling the action, planting more knees to the thighs. Ref separates them for first time tonight. They tie right back up. Pone with more knees to end the round. Pone 10-9 as I see it to take all three rounds.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Elise Pone def. Melissa Odessa via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Strawweight Title Tournament Semifinals

Gloria de Paula vs. Karolina Wójcik

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Gloria circling as Karolina throws some punches. Gloria ties her up against the cage. Gloria with some knees to the thighs of Karolina, but gets turned around. Gloria turns her back around to the cage and lands some more knees. Karolina breaks free to the center and starts unloading some punches. Gloria puts her right back against the cage. Nice left elbow from Gloria but Karolina gets a reversal with the clinch. She looks for the takedown now as she changes levels but Gloria is able to fend it off. They separate and move back to the center. High kick from Gloria after a punch exchange. More jabs and straight punches from Gloria. Karolina fires back. High kick from Gloria as Karolina shoots in at the buzzer. I see it as 10-9 for Gloria de Paula.

Round 2 -Karolina ties her up against the cage early. They separate to the center and Karolina unloads a few right hands. High kick from Gloria blocked. Body kick from Gloria. Right hand connects from Gloria. They exchange punches. Karolina catches a kick and puts Gloria on her back. De Paula has full guard briefly before a scramble ends up with Karolina riding her back. She drops some punches with her hooks in. Gloria defends the choke attempt until the buzzer. 10-9 Karolina Wójcik as I see it.

Round 3 – Touch gloves. Gloria lands a nice punch combo. Karolina fires off a couple then ties up agains the cage. A couple elbows from Gloria breaks that up quick. Punch exchange then a high kick from Gloria. Karolina ties her up in the clinch but gets reversed against the cage. They separate and Gloria is landing punches. Thai clinch, knee, elbows and a flurry of punches has Karolina in trouble. She tries to turn and evade but eats a head kick. She presses Gloria to the cage but more shots back her up. Gloria hunting her and landing some good right hands. Karolina digs deep, presses her to the cage. One and punches from Gloria connect. Thai clinch and another elbow from Gloria. Karolina shoots in at the buzzer. 10-9 for Gloria de Paula as I see it.

I have Gloria winning that fight two round to one. But I’m hearing the judges don’t agree.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Karolina Wójcik def. Gloria de Paula via unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Valesca Machado vs. Ediana Silva

Round 1 – Circling, feeling each other out. Leg kick from Machado. Silva looking to land some punches and calls Machado to come forward. Low kick from Machado. Front kick. They exchange punches and Silva looking to score big. Machado puts her against the cage where she puts some knees on her thighs. Machado looking to stick and move and Silva head hunting like Wanderlei. Silva eats a couple on the chin as she tries to get inside. Machado circling the outside. Machado maybe just secured the round with a takedown. That was smart. 10-9 Machado as I see it.

Round 2 -Circling. Silva tired of chasing her. But Machado is fighting smart. Low kick from Machado, Silva fires back a right that misses. Machado shoots, it’s stuffed, but Silva takes a knee to the body on the break. Machado with nice movement and footwork. High kick from Machado lands on Silva’s gloves. Machado fires off some punches, avoids Silva’s, and takes her down. Silva is able to get up pretty quick and takes a knee or two agains the cage. Machado with another takedown and she takes Silva’s back looking for the choke, body lock in. Softening her up with punches. Silva doing a good job hand fighting. She’s still in that body lock though. 10-9 Machado as I see it.

Round 3 – Machado with an early takedown, Silva right back up but gets put against the cage. Silva with a good punch combo during a brief break but Machado puts her right back on the cage and lands some knees. They separate to the center where Silva finds some success before getting tied up again. They break with an exchange and Machado starts circling. Silva stalking. Eats a jab. Body kick from Silva mostly blocked. Machado shoots in but is stopped. Silva hunting, Machado firing and retreating. Silva clearly the aggressor here and connects with a looping right. Machado shoots in and has to work for the takedown but gets it. Silva right back up in the clinch. They separate and exchange punches at the buzzer. I see the round 10-9 for Silva but Machado should have the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Valesca Machado def. Ediana Silva via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

Strawweight Title Tournament Reserve

Danni McCormack vs. Maira Mazar

Round 1 – Maira has Miesha Tate in her corner. Danni fighting out of Dublin, Ireland. Mazar with a low kick and Danni fires off a couple punches. Mazar with a one-two, low kick from Danni. Low kick from Mazar, Danni with a couple left hands. Danni connecting with a flurry of punches and it looked like Mazar went limp for a second. Mazar shoots in but ends up with McCormack on her back. Mazar gets to her knees briefly but McCormack riding her heavy and landing some punches. Mazar ends up on her back with McCormack in her half guard. Danni postures up and Mazar tries kicking up at her several times. Danni with a kick to the thigh then puts some weight on top of her as they exchange punches on the ground. McCormack with a 10-8 round as I see it.

Round 2 – Low kick from Mazar. She shoots in, gets a body lock, picks McCormack up for a nice takedown and a pop from the crowd. McCormack gets to her feet with Mazar riding her back. She starts looking for the choke as they’re propped against the cage. McCormack defending but she’s carrying a lot of weight here and the arm is around her throat. But only one arm as McCormack is controlling the other wrist. Mazar has a tight body lock and just riding the back while standing for a long time now. Mazar tries softening her up with punches so she can get that choke but Danni finally breaks free and they square off. McCormack connects with a couple nice left hands. One two from Danni. McCormack starts unloading with ten seconds left and lands a big left hook at the bell. That one’s close but I’m going with Mazar 10-9.

Round 3 – Danni with a straight left and she shoots for a single but Mazar evades. Danni with a jab, shoots again, this time is able to turn the corner and put Mazar down. Mazar gets full guard off her back. Danni postures up with some punches. Mazar gets to her feet but pays for it with a couple clean shots. Danni shoots, stuffed, takes a knee to the body. Mazar with a jab and a shot but no dice. Nice right hook from Danni, forces the shot from Mazar who puts the Irish lass on her back. Mazar inside her full guard working from top. Danni gives up her back to get to her feet but Mazar hangs on her around the waist. Danni breaks free and lands some nice punches. Ten seconds left and they’re banging it out. Tough grueling fight. I see the round 10-9 for Mazar and therefore a draw. Judges will probably see it different.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Danni McCormack def. Maira Mazar via unanimous decision (29-28 x 2, 29-27)

Bantamweight: Claire Guthrie vs. Brigid Chase

Round 1 – Flying side kick from Chase to start. Guthrie ties her up against the cage, controlling with a body lock. They exchange some dirty boxing before Guthrie gets the takedown. Chase is able to get to her feet but gets put right back down. She fights her way back to her feet but Guthrie has her pressed to the cage. Knee from Chase to the body and landing some shots to the head as Chase searches for a takedown. They separate back to the center. Guthrie shoots in and pushes Chase to the cage. They separate and Chase lands a clean spinning back kick to the face that stuns Guthrie. Guthrie scores a takedown and gets right to full mount. Lands a big elbow, punches, another elbow but then gets reversed and Chase takes top control now inside full guard. She unloads some punches on Guthrie before the bell. I see it 10-9 for Guthrie even though Chase ended strong. Close.

Round 2 – Body kick from Guthrie. She lands a huge right hand and ends up right on top of Chase on the ground. Elbow from Guthrie from inside guard. Guthrie looks for a leg lock and lands a few shots trying to soften Chase up. Chase defending well so far but Guthrie is staying on it, trying to roll with the leg. Chase is able to escape danger and gain top control and full mount. Chase looking for the head and arm choke but Guthrie defending. Ten seconds. 10-9 Chase as I see it.

Round 3 – Guthrie with a right and a low kick. Chase stalking. Guthrie shoots in and gets the takedown but Chase is right back up, then right back down. Guthrie gets full mount now. She sits up and drops some hammers and an elbow. This sets up a rear-naked choke attempt and full body lock from the back by Guthrie. They roll and Guthrie gains full mount again. Chase gives up her back and eats some shots before Guthrie returns to full mount. Chase tries bucking her off but she’s riding too heavy. Guthrie delivers and elbow and punches. Full back mount now. Ten seconds. She locks in the choke at the buzzer. 10-9 Guthrie as I see it for that round.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Claire Guthrie def. Brigid Chase via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)

Bantamweight: Katharina Lehner vs. Talita Bernardo

Round 1 – Lehner pressing in as they feel each other out. She times a right hand that puts Bernardo down briefly. She was off balance with a kick. Bernardo shoots, gets back control quick as they go to the ground. Bernardo has both hooks in from her back and is looking for the choke. Bernardo covers her eyes trying to find the choke. They’re hand fighting as Bernardo looks for the submission. Lehner breaks out of the choke attempt briefly and is able to gain top control before the bell. 10-9 Bernardo as I see it.

Round 2 – Right hand from Lehner, connects with a couple more forcing the shot from Bernardo who gains side mount. Bernardo takes North/South control then back to half guard. Lehner takes some body blows. Bernardo stands and tries to find an opening but goes into Lehner’s guard and for a second has her arm in trouble. Bernardo frees herself from the armbar attempt and locks in a kimura from the top that forces the tapout from Lehner.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Talita Bernardo def. Katharina Lehner via submission (kimura) – Rd. 2 (4:26)


Valesca Machado vs. Karolina Wójcik

Round 1 – Machado circling the outside. Lots of feeling out going on. Machado with a couple jabs that hit gloves. Nice left hook from Machado for the first significant shot of the fight. Right hand from Machado connects. Wójcik calls her forward and takes a right hand. Wójcik can’t find a home on the inside for those punches. Machado’s footwork is good. She avoids a punch combo. Lands a left. Nice right from Wójcik at the buzzer. 10-9 for Machado as I see it.

Round 2 – One two from Machado. Right hand scores. Great footwork, double jab. Wójcik connects with a right. She avoids a one two from Machado, but then gets tagged on the inside. Jab from Machado. Wójcik lunges in with a combo but misses the elusive Machado, who then fires back with a couple that do connect. Right straight connects for Machado. Wójcik comes in swinging but nothing solid lands. Looping right from Machado. 10-9 Machado as I see it.

Round 3 – Right from Wójcik. Another as she lunges in. Wójcik connects with another and gets inside with a combo. They tie up against the cage. Eventually they separate to the center and Wójcik connects with a left. They tie up again. Machado’s back to the cage. Wójcik lands a few knees to the legs. They separate to the center where Machado’s technical striking has the upper hand and she’s pop shooting Wójcik now. Jab. Jab. One two. Wójcik presses her to the cage. Ten seconds. Wójcik controlling but doing no damage here. 10-9 Machado as I see it and she should be the new champ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Valesca Machado def. Karolina Wójcik via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)

Cover Photo by Dave Mandel for Invicta FC.