When it comes to boxing matches, you have to be alert for the knockouts. Nobody knows when the knockouts are coming, and you wouldn’t want to miss the punches. The knockouts are not dramatic, and all it takes is one well-placed shot to be on every highlight reel at every sports news outlet.

The boxing knockout has been numerous, coming with a lot of quality play from the players. These performances have players on the edge of their seats. This is when you would hear the loudest cheer from the fans who have a lot of entertainment. 

We are going to look at the top knockout punches in boxing history.

Sergio Martinez vs Paul Williams

It is one of the greatest fights that has surprised the world. On November 20th, 2010, the fight took place in a trier rematch game.

This was a continuation of their previous meeting in December of the previous year. The fans enjoyed having 12 rounds of exciting action between the two. This match provided another opportunity for them to try and find who was better than them as Williams won closely on points.

In the second meeting, if you told people that Martinez would win the fight, none would believe it. In this round, Martinez laid a perfectly timed left-hand punch. The punch was applied to Williams’ jaw and knocked him out cold.

This was Williams’s first time being stopped, and he lay on the ground without moving a muscle. This performance by Martinez increased his chances as the best middleweight fighter in the world. Williams didn’t move a mussel as he was coined out. 

Manny Pacquiao Vs Ricky Hatton

On May 2nd, 2009, this fight had the punch British fans hate being reminded of. Pacquiao had the best of his punches over his career in this game.

In the second round of their Las Vegas fight, it was a left-hand punch detonated on Hatton’s chin. This punch breaks many British fans’ hearts as they watch Ricky Hatton lay on the ring floor. 

Hasim Rahman Vs Lennox Lewis

Lennox Lewis is one of the best boxers and dominated the ring for eleven years. During his time, he had 25 titles which would have been more if not for some slips. He was an all-around boxer with speed, excellent technique, and an ability to take hits and recover.

On April 22nd, 2001, Rahman was an underdog coming into this fight. His performances in this game were good, making his ratings look underrated. They backed Lennox to the ropes in the fifth round and unlisted a right-hand punch.

Lennox lay on the floor after being relieved of his world-weight championship. This forced everyone to reevaluate the standard of Lewis and his dominant career.

Julian Jackson Vs Herold Graham

The fight on November 24th, 1990, is one of the all-time knockout punches. It seemed Jackson’s place as a world champion earned him his second divisional title. 

Julian Jackson is seen as an all-time world puncher. Graham was the favorite to win the match and had dominated all three first rounds. Jackson’s eye was swelling, and the ringside doctor advised that the fight would be stopped. 

In the fourth round, the one-sided boxing continued, and Jackson had had enough. Jackson suddenly struck with a strong hock punch that instantly knocked out Herold Graham.

Naoya Inoue Vs Juan Carlos Payano

This fight took place on October 7th, 2018 is one of Inoue’s greatest fights. Inoue was also referred to as the monster, and he always aimed for a KO in any fight. Inoue took only 70 seconds to flatten Payano in one of the greatest matches of his career.

Payano is a former WBA champion who was beaten only by Rashin Warren based on most of the points in the match.

This match was another of Inoue’s classics where he laid left and then a right on Carlos. The punch was powerful and had Carlos lying on the floor helpless. Inoue described the punch as he feared he had damaged Juan very severely.

Juan Manuel Vs Manny Pacquiao 

This was among the greatest fights in boxing history. It involved two of the greatest fighters in boxing history facing each other. 

It went down on December 8th, 2012, when a sight blow altered the legacy of two of the best boxers in history. The rivalry between the two boxers was tremendous and had millions of fans watching the match.

Pacquiao appeared to be ahead in this game and was seen as the favorite to win. Juan unleashed a string right hand onto Pacquiao that produced the knockout of the edges. 

There are many more historical pouches in boxing history, and these are some of the best. The boxers never disappoint in the level they perform to keep fans entertained.