Bingo! We have all heard this word yelled out in exhilaration at some point in our lives. Dictionaries define it as an expression of satisfaction of a sudden positive outcome or a phrase meant to convey something done with accuracy. The gambling game associated with it originated from 16th century Italy, though it did not bear this name during the first few centuries following its inception. The most common theory is that it took on this moniker when it made its way into Britain.

Bingo rose to prominence in the UK in the early 20th century. At that time, the word itself was a slang term customs officers’ used following successful searches. The modern version of lottery bingo gained traction at fairs and carnivals in the 1920s. Today, this gambling option gets played in virtually all countries on the planet through National lotteries, at local bingo halls, and over the internet.

In this article, we will break down the following when it comes to enjoying bingo online:

  • How to play bingo over the internet?
  • How can I increase my chances of winning bingo?
  • What are the benefits of playing bingo online?
  • What are the luckiest bingo numbers?
  • Which bingo sites payout most?

How to Play Online Bingo

When it comes to explaining how to play online bingo, things do not get overly complex. The rules of this lottery sweepstake are super simple to grasp. The bingo gameplay consists of numbered balls getting drawn and players marking the ones that match those on their cards. The goal here is to form specific line patterns that lead to prizes. The lines can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, depending on the variation you have chosen to play.

You cannot choose the precise numbers you are going to play.

Know that multiple bingo versions exist, mainly differing in the amount of numbered balls in play and the extra prize options on offer. 90-ball and 75-ball bingo are still the most popular options out there.

Perks of Playing Bingo Online

There is no denying that one of the reasons why bingo managed to become such a casual mainstream gambling attraction is the social aspect of partaking in it at halls with a vast number of other players. However, playing it at the best online bingo sites also has its advantages. These are:

  • Convenience – When testing your luck at interactive gaming platforms, you have access to game software that utilizes random number generation algorithms. That means that you have access to enjoy online bingo at any time from anywhere. You do not have to wait for your national lottery to hold a draw or your bingo hall to organize a game.
  • Speed – Due to software handling the number drawing process, online bingo gameplay runs much more smoothly and quickly than games played at halls or via a lottery.
  • Variety – Online casinos offer bingo games in multiple different formats. They do not stick to only the regular ball variations but try to mix up rule changes and add extra bet options. Established online bingo versions include Go-Go Bingo, Bonus Bingo, and Pesca Bingo.
  • Bingo Promotions – Internet gambling is all about grabbing enticing promotions. You will struggle to find a gambling website that will not greet you with a generous welcome bonus or one that does not feature a loyalty system designed to make you a regular.
  • Trial Play – At internet casinos, you can test the games provided for free. That is right. You can have a trial run, looking into how a platform’s bingo variations operate with nothing on the line. So, when it comes time to lay down your hard-earned cash, you can feel comfortable that you know what you are doing.

How to Increase Your Chances to Win?

There is little you can do when playing online bingo to boost your odds dramatically en route to wins. Nevertheless, that does not mean that no tips exist on how to go about your card gambling journey. Credible ones are:

·       Play Multiple Cards – The more cards you have, the better your odds of landing a reward become. Of course, buying up a dozen cards does not guarantee that you will emerge victorious from your gaming session, but it raises your chances significantly.

·       Choose Cards That Do Not Have Duplicate Numbers – This is a bit of common sense. You don’t want to have cards that repeat the same numbers over and over again. That will not increase your chances of winning. Therefore, looking for ones that have diverse number sets is the way to go.

·       The Granville Strategy Joseph Granville was a financial writer responsible for inventing multiple investment strategies. His approach to bingo consisted of playing the widest possible range of digits. He believed that there’s always a balance between high/low, odd/even numbers getting picked, and the same quality of numbers ending in ones, twos, threes, and so on.

·       Practice Bankroll Management – It is paramount that you remember that you must never gamble with more funds than what you can afford to lose. So, always budget your sessions wisely, viewing bingo as an entertainment-based pastime.

Top Online Bingo Sites

Thousands of gambling sites are active on the World Wide Web. The pool of operators exponentially swells with each passing year. Thus, it becomes growingly harder to pick out credible platforms from shady ones. We are here to help by rattling off the three best online bingo casinos. Per veteran player reviews, of course. These platforms are:

  • Las Atlantis – If you are on the lookout for a site that supplies ridiculous amounts of free-play cash on sign-up, Las Atlantis is the casino for you. Their welcome offer can yield up to $14,000 in bonus funds via a deposit match deal of 280%. The code associated with this promo is LASATLANTIS, and it comes with an x35 wagering requirement. Las Atlantis is a Curacao-licensed site active since early 2020. It has multiple bingo games, including Bonus Bingo.
  • Wild Casino – Wild Casino is the perfect gaming home for crypto enthusiasts. Their crypto welcome bonus can give away as much as $9,000 over your first five deposits. The codes necessary for its activation are CRYPTO300 and CRYPTO150. The Wild bingo offer consists of standard variations with different numbered balls in play. Panama’s Gaming Control Board oversees Wild Casino’s activities.
  • El Royale – El Royale is the sister site of Las Atlantis. Thus, its registration deal is very competitive with the Las Atlantis one, offering up $12,500 in casino money via a four-part promo that comes with an x35 wagering requirement. They offer standard online bingo games and are also a Curacao-monitored platform. Remember that El Royale does not have any banking fees for credit card withdrawals.

To Wrap Up

Online bingo can not only be a fun hobby; it can also put a little money in your pocket if you find yourself in Lady Luck’s good graces. As with all forms of gambling, you need to remain modest and not overstep your means. However, if you can practice proper impulse control, you can experience the many thrills this game can provide and may even walk away with profits.

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