Dana White doesn’t believe Jake Paul would fight Anderson Silva

As anyone keeping up with combat sports knows – freak show boxing is getting out of control.

YouTube people fighting boxers, boxers fighting washed up MMA fighters, and the weirdness just goes on. One of the biggest critics is UFC President Dana White who has been publicly shaking his head in disbelief at some of the matchups.

One of the most successful participants has been former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. He has defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and most recently obliterated Tito Ortiz in less than a round. Truthfully, there haven’t been very many people willing to call him out, at least seriously.

Dana White recently spoke to the media and he is saying what most of the combat sports world is saying. Anderson Silva‘s name hasn’t come out of Jake Paul’s mouth and if it has the call out hasn’t been loud.