Right now boxing is in a weird place. Interest in legitimate fights is minimal compared to the interest in a freak show match-up. Jake Paul versus Ben Askren, Logan Paul versus Floyd Mayweather Junior, and Anderson Silva versus Julio Cesar Chavez Junior are prime examples.

Those types of odd pairings don’t show any signs of dying off anytime soon. These types of matchups are making money and when something makes money it is going to stay around until it no longer does so.

Buckle up folks.

Jake Paul has a fight with Tyron Woodley coming up and even though Woodley is 39 years old there is still some fight left in him. He’s a decent striker and a win over him would make Jake appear legitimate. It might make Jake Paul feel better but it really won’t prove anything. He will still have to face a pure boxer with a reputation and win or his own reputation will stay at a freak show level.

Jake spoke with TMZ and in his heart he really does feel that one day he will face Canelo Alvarez and capture a championship belt.

It seems highly unlikely but weirder things have happened. Forrest Griffin beat Shogun Rua, Tito Ortiz finally got revenge on Chuck Liddell, and old man Randy Couture recaptured the belt from the giant Tim Sylvia. Maybe Jake can really do it?