In 2021 the whole world learns how to function online. We managed to shift such important parts of our lives like education, work or art into the web-based world. Entrainment has always been a very important sector too, that is why we know how to have online yoga classes, watch online theatre performance or play online games. 

Online gambling has been playing a meaningful role when it comes to web-based entertainment. Thousands of people all over the globe enjoy playing card, live casino or slot games. However, online gambling might be rather tricky and choosing a casino site, which you can trust is very important. 

Luckily, the majority the countries regulate online gambling for over a decade now: some are more strict, some are less. For example, United Kingdom is known for having quite uncompromising terms, which are stated in UKGC (a public body, which is fully called The Gambling Commission of the Government of the United Kingdom). The rules here require online casinos to treat their players fairly and the body itself takes care of the minorities and vulnerable people. However, together with this, regulating department limits players game expertise, for example when it comes to slot games: 

  • Bans slot spin speeds faster than 2.5 seconds
  • Bans Autoplay – which can lead to players losing track of their play,
  • Bans Sounds or imagery which give the illusion of a win when the return is in fact equal to, or below, a stake  
  • Prohibiting Multiple Gameplay on a Single Gaming Client
  • Removing Spin Stop and Slam Stop

But how does it work when in comes to online gambling regulations in Canada?

Legal Situation in Canada 

In general, online gaming rules in the market are still rather ambiguous. Canada remains to be a grey area in the online gambling world. However, if you reside in Canada playing on an online casino site is not considered to be illegal. Moreover, all withdrawal amounts are not taxable. 

As mentioned above, being a grey area Canada allows both licensed and unlicensed casino brands to operate on its territories. That is why the key to a safe and fair gambling experience is the right choice of a casino site. Fortunately, today there are sites like Casino Goose, which test and reviews the best online casinos and provide lists of legit sites licensed by MGA or UKGC. You can easily find all the necessary information without spending your time on reading long texts of terms and conditions. 


There is no doubt regulation of online gambling is a necessity and is very important. When it come to playing with real money, we need to have legislative bodies, which can control online casinos and make sure player are treated in the most fair manner, as well as minorities being protected. 

However, in some cases regulation limit players experience. For example, it can limit the speed of a spin, amount of bonus or ban live casino games totally. This, in its turn, might lead to players seeking for more freedom and the way out here will be offshore, unregulated casinos, what other options are there? Clearly, this situation might cause new problems. 

What are the changes of getting your winning in case of a big win? What sort of responsible gambling tools can you expect to find?

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