NFL Betting Made Simple – Best Guide for NFL Bettors. Betting on the NFL has currently become just as popular as watching the match itself. There are millions of people across the globe that enjoying place real money bets on their favourite matches every Sunday. But you shouldn’t be discouraged in case the term “betting against the spread” confuses you! This is because you are not alone. If you are new to NFL betting, or you just want to better your knowledge before the season starts, you are in the right place.

This article covers different ways through which you can wager on the NFL. If you are a novice and don’t really understand the odds, reading this guide to Betting on the NFL guide will help you get started.

Point Spread Bets

The point spread bets are the most popular way of NFL betting on football. You might hear many people talk about the spread in different ways, against the spread, point spread betting, or just against the spread. In most cases, football bets are not ideal matchups and the spread is the bookmaker’s way of creating a fair playing field.

For you to win the point-spread bet, the favourite team doesn’t just have to win the match, but must also do so in a specific number of points otherwise own as the spread. The spread promotes equal betting on the opposing sides because it largely gives more points to the underdog team. In most cases, you find the spreads that have half points attached, also known as the hook.

For instance, if you consider the Giants vs. Cowboys, the team that has a negative number is the most favoured, in our case, its Cowboys (-5.5). If you place a real money bet on the other team against the spread, they must win the match with over 6 points if you are going to win your wager. On the other hand, if Dallas will be laying 5.5 points in such cases. The best way to look at this is to subtract 5.5 points from the Dallas score by the end of the match. If Dallas has more points after you have deducted 5.5, then this covers the spread.

Betting The Moneyline

If you are betting on the “total” you will no longer be concerned about the team that will win the match. Rather, your main point of focus is the number of points that would be scored in total. Also known as the “over-under betting” this is a popular type of wager when Betting on NFL. For example, sticking with our example, New York vs. Dallas, the bookmaker set the total points at 49.5. This means you have two options when placing bets on the totals: under, where less than 49.5 points would be scored or over, where more than 49.5 points would be scored overall.

Multiple-Game NFL Bets

With an option to choose from 13 to 16 match ups, you might want to wager in multiple games every week. Teasers and Parlays allow you to do exactly this and can be quite profitable for those who know how they work.

NFL Betting Parlays

A parlay is a wager that involves multiple events. For instance, if you are looking to take the Dallas to cover the spread, as outlined earlier, and are sure that the fixture will end above 49.5 points, you can be on both with a single stake. Parlays make it possible to bet in both Dallas and other teams. On the other hand, a Parlay might include a combination of totals bets, point spread or Moneyline. However, there are very few bookmakers that will allow bettors to bet the spread and Moneyline in the same match.


This is a type of parlay where the bets are placed against the total or spread and the punter sacrifices payouts for the most favoured spread.
Most free bet bookmakers allow bettors the choice to tease the spreads by +7.0, +6.5, or +6.0.

Other NFL Betting

As you may already know, NFL Betting is not just about the totals, against the spread or Moneyline. You and place bets on the performance of players, individual awards, who wins, and the result of each play.

NFL Prop Bets

Props or Propositions are quite popular during the Super Bowl but are also available during the NFL season. The Prop bets range from the team that will score first and the number of yards a specific Quarter Back will throw the ball from.
If props involve a player statistic, the bookmaker will set the project total and you just have to choose under or over. In the prop bet, the bookmaker lays out their options and this will include the betting odds.


Bettors have the choice to start betting on that wins next seasons Super Bowl even before the current season is over. This is known as the futures bet. Also, even before the teams playing are listed, you can handpick the 32 teams that will participate.

Other common futures bets involve major player awards for different seasons including the Defensive Rookie, Offensive Rookie, Defensive Player, or MVP of the year.
Another common futures bet is the Team wins totals. The bookmaker sets some wins for every team and allows the player to bet the under or over. Some sportsbooks refer to these as the season props. If you plan on placing any future bets, always remember that some bookmakers close the bets after the season ends. Most bookies won’t allow bettors to parlay on the futures bet.

Live In-Play NFL betting

When it comes to NFL betting most bookmakers allow bettors to bet on the total, spread, Moneyline, and more. This is referred to as live betting or in playing betting. In essence, the odds and lines will shift during the match based on how things are going in the field. In playing betting also allow bettors to bet on the results of the next match.

While there is no limit of options when NFL Betting, you should wager responsibly.

Where can I watch NFL Live?

NFL is finally available to Livestream with some betting sites in the UK. With the exception of two games every Sunday which Sky televises, Unibet customers can enjoy all the other NFL action.

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