Covington posts unfinished bout agreement, claims Woodley ducked him and maybe he’s right

Colby Covington…sigh.

We are at that stage again, the one that we reach every few months. It is time for Colby Covington to claim that former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is ducking him. To be honest with you at this point I’d say in a way he is.

There really aren’t a lot of people lining up to be on the receiving end of Covington’s infamous and constant verbal assaults. Tyron is most likely looking for other fights where borderline racism and insults to his family aren’t included in the total package. When you sign on to face Colby you sign-on to endure a lot of drama and a lot of half truths. If the former interim welterweight champion wasn’t such a good fighter he would have probably been cut already for all of it.

I am a fan of Covington the fighter but not the character. I am also a fan of Woodley the man but not necessarily the fighter. I’ll take the latter all day long.

Getting to the point at hand, Colby posted a photo of what appears to be his half of the information required for a bout agreement and is claiming that Woodley ducked his signature for an August fight date. It seems that every few months Covington says someone is ducking him and it is later revealed that it was he who was asking for ridiculous conditions that realistically would not and could not be met by the UFC. Here is what he posted on Instagram.

What do you think of this? Is Woodley really ducking him and if he is what is the reason? Is it because he doesn’t want all of the drama or he truly doesn’t want to fight Colby and lose.

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