Let me be clear right up front. If mid to late April is not a safe time to hold an event neither is early May. Something is broken inside the mind of the machine named Dana White.

We were finally going to get Tony Ferguson vs lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov and it fell through again. The bout was to head up UFC 249 this month but due to the coronavirus pandemic event cancellations it was not to be. Then we had a spark of hope appear that we would get something, anything.

Khabib had returned to Russia for some reason and got stuck due to travel restrictions so Dana scrambled and got us Justin Gaethje instead. Then that got shut down. Then there was Dana’s mythical fight island location proposal and so on. No fights, nowhere, at no time said the government. Not so fast says Dana.

According to a tweet from ESPN’s Brett Okamoto it seems like they are actually trying to schedule and hold an event just a three weeks after their missed April 18th date. That’s insane, right?

There is no commission anywhere that is going to allow an event to occur during the peaking of this deadly pandemic. If they do they are crazy.

Then again Fight Island just might become a reality. The cage, boss. The cage!

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