In case you haven’t been keeping up, WWE has now reportedly and hilariously been labeled “essential“ by the state of Florida.

As you know, during this coronavirus pandemic that is the only way you can remain fully operational. The essential category primarily pertains to groceries, pharmacies, gas stations, and the like so when this became public a lot of questions were asked about why WWE was afforded that luxury. They are an entertainment outlet to simplify it and there is no reason people need to be put at risk just so we can watch people wrestle. Granted, it will be in an empty arena but reportedly the entire production crew all the way down to a barber will be present.


Another report that has come out is telling. The report states that Vince McMahon‘s wife donated $18.5 million to the state of Florida on the same day they were given the “essential“ designation. If this is true it will raise a lot of eyebrows and if the main stream media gets a hold of it they will milk it for all it’s worth.

Something tells us that if this is true Vince McMahon won’t care especially since he is reportedly on Trump’s task force. We will wait and reserve judgment until we find out all of the details.

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