Stephen A Smith hitting the mitts suggests he should keep his mouth shut

I give the man a little credit.

We all started out in a gym looking like this but none of us tried to provoke a Joe Rogan right away. It was years before I could spar my friend Rich Franklin without getting run off the mat or last more than 60 seconds grappling with former UFC fighter Dustin Hazelett. I never would’ve attempted it looking like this.

In case you don’t know the history, here is a brief sum up. Conor McGregor destroys cowboy, ESPN’s Stephen A Smith insults him enough to make Conor, Joe Rogan, and MMA in general mad. Stephen Smith doesn’t back down from his comments and pretty much antagonizes Rogan foolishly. Joe gives him a pass when he didn’t have to. If this is what Smith looks like on the mitts we suggest he shut up.

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