Boxing has long been on the cards for both traditional bookmakers and punters, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that online sports betting sites offer real and lucrative wagers for lovers of the pastime. 

Major networks, like Sky Sports and ESPN, air premium boxing matches regularly. It gives boxing enthusiasts the chance to place bets from atom weight to heavyweight categories, and on the outcome of each fight. 

Is the process of placing a boxing bet online safe, though? Online Platforms like Gclub undoubtedly make the process easier and more reliable.  

It enables the punters to safely place a bet predicting the outcome of a fight, and understand how popular bets work without the fear of rigging. We explore how these platforms facilitate these transactions below.

How to Properly Place a Boxing Bet

The winner of a boxing fight can technically cement their win in five ways: 

  • Disqualification of their opponent
  • If the fighter delivers a standard KO
  • If the referee makes a judgment call to declare the winner 
  • If the referee decides to stop the fight for health and safety reasons in a technical KO
  • If the opponent throws in the towel

Most boxing bets are to predict the fight outcome. Other bets also allow punters to decide on the method of victory, however (like standard KO’s or technical KO’s as listed above).  

A draw or technical draw would require you to predict whether the match would end without a winner, and round betting allows a bet to be placed on the time the fight will end, usually available in an over or under market.

The will-fight-go-to-distance bet is one of the most popular bets placed. It also offers some profitable opportunities to earn good money. The bet requires the punter to predict and bet for or against the fight without a regular KO, technical KO, or disqualification after the usual round mark (usually 12 rounds in professional boxing).

Another betting strategy is to parlay, which allows you to bet on several fights using one ticket.

Is Betting on Boxing Matches Safe? 

In the 70s, sports betting on boxing was incredibly popular before allegations of poor judging decisions, and fixed fights turned people away from placing wagers on the game.

The situation has now undergone a complete 360-degree turn, reinjecting integrity into the sport. Thanks to strict rules that govern bet placements, it has become almost impossible for match-fixing to occur, a win-and-lose factor for those who placed bets. 

Strict rules govern live betting where match-fixing is most likely to occur, for example. Matches are also aired worldwide, attracting massive audiences that would immediately pick out any irregularities or unexplained contestant behaviour.  

AIBA, the world governing body for boxing, has put strict rules in place that prohibit boxers from betting on any matches in which they fight. The measure removes the temptation for a fighter to throw away the game for financial gain, and flouting these regulations could lead to penalties.

Final Thoughts

These days, placing bets on boxing is safe. Reduced match-fixing and irregular betting practices have made the arena more secure. The chances of your bet coming through if you are on the money are high, so enjoy it.

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