Xingyi “fighter” Wu Liang got smashed earlier this year by Glory fighter Zhang Wensheng. The funny part is that Wu Liang actually challenged Zhang at his freaking gym which ended in a fight. A contest that – to noone’s surprise – ended with Liang in a heap on the canvas. So far, so fair.

After the bout he angrily raked Wensheng’s eyes when they were supposed to be shaking hands. Before the idiotic woo-woo master could get obliterated he was saved by others who jumped in before Zhang could return the favor. To be honest we are okay with that because Wu was going to wake up in another time zone.

Not content with that mistake the Xingyi master of woo-woo decided to challenge a traditional martial artist. Unfortunately for him the Taekwondo guy was on another level

Watch the combined footage of him being mauled by Zhang and then mauled again by the TKD fighter. Is this guy the Chinese Charlie Zelenoff?

Night, night. Keep your butthole tight.

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