Is someone in your life an avid golfer? The sport is incredibly popular and most people tend to know at least one person who just can’t get enough of the green. You’d think that finding the perfect gift for someone with such a defined interest would be simple, but maybe you have no idea what golfers like or perhaps your loved one seems to have it all already. Here is a brief list of ideas on what to give your golfer friend.


There is a lot of equipment that comes with an interest in golf. Clubs, bags, balls and tees are all essential to the sport and a keen golfer is likely to already own these items. However, do any of these require an upgrade? Ask your golfer which brands and manufacturers are their favourite before going out and making these purchases. Perhaps your golfer has been unable to invest in an upgraded set of clubs and would greatly appreciate them as a gift. Maybe their bag is worn out and you could find them a new one.

Tickets and Events

For those who love golf intensely, playing the game isn’t the only activity they’ll enjoy. Find out when nearby contests or tournaments are on and give them tickets to the event. Treat them to a trip at one of the fancier golf courses in the area. Place a bet on their behalf on Unibet for a golf championship and give them the winnings. If a famous golfer is playing nearby or signing books, take your golfer to meet them.


Have your golfer’s name printed on a set of golf balls or their bag to make them feel special and to help them discern their equipment from other people’s. If they give you permission, you could even engrave their clubs.


As mentioned earlier, golf requires many pieces of equipment. It also requires various accessories with varying levels of importance to the sport. A high-quality umbrella will make your golfer happy on wet days while a pair of sunglasses and a peaked cap will protect them when it’s sunny – find out more about sun care at the Skin Cancer Foundation. Gloves are important for grip in any weather and even if you end up buying something they already own, then at least they’ll have a spare. Items such as a distance measuring device and a pitch fork will also be an appreciated gift for your golfer.


Depending on the kind of club your golfer regularly attends, they might be required to wear particular clothes. Finding out the dress code and buying them the appropriate attire is a great gift. For colder months, a good jumper and warm socks will be greatly appreciated. Which? has a list of the top waterproof jacket brands for you to choose from. If you know their favourite colours or patterns, you can try to find items that suit their style.


Golfers who enjoy the sport and the scene surrounding it most likely have an interest in golfing history. You can find unique pieces of memorabilia online such as signed golf balls and antique clubs which make excellent gifts.

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