Must be good to be a McMahon or their friend. An SEC filing by WWE revealed what some of the top WWE executives make. (via

Vince himself made $1.4M in 2019 which was no change from the previous year.

His daughter Stephanie made bank with $2.81M for being both an exec and a performer.

Stephanie’s husband Triple H made a very nice $710K. This most likely doesn’t include any of his other roles in the company other than his corporate position.

Vince’s son Shane made an astonishing $956K as a performer in 2018.

Finally, producer and bane of many a fan’s existence Kevin Dunn pulled in a hefty $950K for his efforts.

None of this is surprising except for HHH’s pay. He probably made that easily as just a performer with merchandise sales included. We can’t say that for sure but we can speculate like nobody’s business.

What do you think of these salaries?

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