Cejudo says ‘Pee Wee’ Dillashaw needs a cup of water

UFC Flyweight champion Henry Cejudo will face bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw on January 19th. The ‘UFC Brooklyn’ event will be the first one broadcast through ESPN’s streaming service ESPN+ and it’s debut on ESPN. Oddly enough it was TJ Dillashaw who offered to change weight classes which is strange, especially given the UFC’s track record of champ vs champ matches.

Conor McGregor went up to lightweight to face Eddie Alvarez, Amanda Nunes went up to featherweight face Cris Cyborg, and so on. TJ is going from cutting to 135 to 125 and that is a drastic change. So much so that Cejudo had to poke fun of him saying he “looks like Pee-wee Herman” in recent pictures.

It is most definitely a difficult cut for Dillashaw but not impossible and because of this we sincerely doubt he will ever defend the belt at 125 pounds if he wins it.

Check out what Henry said on The MMA Hour.

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