It’s a criminal’s worst nightmare! A man suspected of attempting to burgle a house in City Heights, San Diego, referred to from here on out as Mr Burglar Man, or Mr BM, likely had instant, and massive, regret over his decision. This was thanks to an alert resident of the community, who also happens to be a very accomplished Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, fighter, spotting him and sorting him out very quickly!

Luckily for us, the whole incident was recorded for posterity and the World Wide Web by another neighbour, and it’s gone viral. Viewed tens of thousands of times already, it looks like Sergio Hernandez is the Crime Fighter we’ve all been waiting for! Punters who hunt up the latest info on MMA events alongside NRL Premiership odds will no doubt agree that we couldn’t be in safer hands.

Mr Burglar Man Didn’t Know What Hit Him

Hernandez and his dad had just returned home after a trip to a mechanic, when the fighter caught sight of an unknown adult male in the yard behind their house, a property situated on 40th street in the City Heights area. Hernandez said that he was taken aback by a stranger just standing on his property, and he immediately asked him what was going on.

No doubt as surprised as the MMA star, Mr Burglar Man explained that he had been chased on to the property by a dog. Hernandez, however, spotted an open window, with the screen removed and placed on the ground. As he did, Mr B M took off, bounding over a fence, but the fighter gave chase. When he inevitably caught up with Mr Burglar Man, the fighter tried to convince him to have a conversation with Hernandez Senior.

Hernandez’s Dad Had Resolved Disputes Successfully Before

Hernandez spoke of another child stealing his bike when he was young, and his dad investigating the theft himself, rather than calling the cops. He managed to discover who stole it, and persuaded the would-be-bandit to return the bicycle.

The Police Were Ultimately Involved

This time, though, Hernandez Senior felt that it was a matter for the police, thanks to Mr Burglar Man ransacking three rooms in the house before they interrupted him. Not sure if this could be considered a sports crime, or just a normal crime, but it was a crime nonetheless. When he heard that law enforcement was en route, Mr B M attempted another dash for freedom, according to Hernandez Junior. So the fighter pinned him to the ground in a triangle choke, which can be seen on the video footage of the event.

Hernandez Junior said the police arrived around five minutes after they were called, but it seemed longer, because he was holding the rather hefty bandit still. He spoke of his 13-year long Jujitsu practice and Brown Belt title, alongside his MMA fighting experience, being a big help at ensuring Mr Burglar Man was handed over to the authorities.

When our hero is not putting his combative skill to use in either the ring or in the streets you can find him tattooing alongside his wife at the shop they own in City Heights, Pop’s Tattoos.

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