One of the biggest fights in history (and biggest money makers) took place last August when McGregor stood up to the best boxer of all time, Mayweather. McGregor did lose that day, but he gave it his all and couldn’t have done better against a boxer who won 49 of his previous fights. McGregor will be itching to get back in the ring with Mayweather, and there are rumours that suggest this fight could take place on McGregor’s home turf, inside an Octagon ring. There are also many reports that suggest this fight will never happen, but let’s have a look at some of the reasons that could make it a reality.

McGregor Has Something to Prove

Both fighters are very arrogant, and they obviously have issues with one another. However, this time around McGregor has something more to prove, because he doesn’t want Mayweather to walk away with a win under his belt in a sport he’s never competed in. McGregor will be the easy favourite if the event took place, as he’s already done battle with some of the meanest fighters in MMA. Have a look at the latest MMA betting odds to see what the bookmakers are saying about this fight.

McGregor Has Been Inactive from MMA Since 2016

McGregor has been too busy splashing the cash and tweeting Mayweather with loads of abuse over the last couple of years, as he hasn’t had a competitive MMA match since 2016. Most MMA fighters would have been stripped of their titles by now because of inactivity. However, the president of MMA, Dana White, has left the door open for McGregor for one of two reasons. Firstly, it could be because McGregor is the biggest name in MMA history and will likely continue to be. Secondly, it could be because McGregor and Mayweather are already booked in the Octagon at some point in the future. Either way, Dana has been very lenient with the status of McGregor, because he knows it will only benefit MMA in the future.

McGregor Will Have Too Many Heavy Hitters to Contend with Otherwise

There are a few names in MMA at the moment that many people wouldn’t even dream of getting in the ring with. Most of these fighters weigh upwards of 150 pounds – something McGregor might not be able to handle, even though you can guarantee he will say he can. If he wants to keep his status and titles in MMA, he’ll need to fight someone. An easy fight would be to face Mayweather and return to the octagon in style – and that could be one of the main reasons why he wants this fight so badly.

Big Money to be Made

Of course, the obvious reason for this fight to go ahead is because there’s so much money to be made for both fighters. They both love money because they both love spending it, so why not give the go ahead on the event (if it hasn’t already been given) so both players can make even more money and all of us fans can be entertained once more?

McGregor and Mayweather Love the Attention

This is one thing both have in common: they both love the media attention surrounding their fights. There is, of course, plenty of money to be made, but they don’t mind their faces printed all over social media either. This is another attraction of the fight that could be the difference in it actually happening.

Because They Hate Each Other

They both respect one another as fighters, there’s no denying that. However, deep down they hate each other and there’s only one way to settle that again, and that’s in the octagon. There’s plenty of talk that McGregor could knock out Mayweather within 35 seconds should he dare enter the ring. But we all know Mayweather has had some big hitters in the ring with him previously, so he can probably hold his own for a lot longer. McGregor will almost certainly be the favourite to take out Mayweather in his own sport, but it would certainly be an entertaining event.

Will Mayweather have the bottle to get in the ring with McGregor? If there’s money involved, plenty of hatred between the fighters, and a lot of attention to be had, it’s an event that looks definite to happen sometime in 2018.

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