When there started to trickle hints of Conor McGregor coming into the boxing ring to fight Floyd Mayweather, no believed it would happen. This is because until that point, it hadn’t, especially not with two stars of that magnitude. However, happen it did, and despite all the naysayers, it was actually a pretty entertaining event from the build up, to the actual fight.

Today, there is a lot of speculation and hype surrounding a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather in the UFC and this is with good reason. In the last month Floyd has been dropping many hints that he will go to the MMA and yet, despite the event going through last time, people still doubt that it can happen.

Well in our opinion, and according to BrawlBros.com, It very well can happen.

The Build Up Has Begun

With Images like that popping up on Mayweather’s Instagram account, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination as to what Floyd is hyping up here. This fight is following the same exact marketing tactics as the last fight they has except with role reversal.

For May vs Mac 1, it was Floyd who leaked there are negotiations with Dana White shooting it down. Here we have the opposite, with Floyd mentioning the fight and then shooting it down as hearsay. Then we had McGregor putting up pictures of him in boxing gear, with captions like “I am boxing.” This time, we have the opposite, with Floyd Mayweather dropping hint bombs of him diving into MMA with videos of him in the cage and even asking “what are the odds?”

There is A lot on the Table

At this point there is too much on the table for the fight not to happen. Not only is there money to be made but there is dignity on the line. Floyd has dropped way too many hints to back out now and as McGregor said in a recent interview: “if he doesn’t, it will haunt him for the rest of his days.” Many people speculate that this is all hype and Mayweather losing his mind because he is out of the spotlight but he never does things without reason. He has proven that he knows how to market, and so has Connor, so if you ask me, the event marketing has begun.

The Fight Actually Makes Sense

With Conor McGregor being primarily a striker, one with lethal kicks and good enough boxing to go 10 rounds with Mayweather, this fight makes sense for both guys. McGregor is the only MMA fighter that might actually consider standing with Mayweather. Every other fighter, and I mean every single one, will go straight for the take down with Floyd and it kills his chances of winning. So we may actually get treated to a stand up battle, that is until McGregor gets tired of the coaches yelling at him to take Floyd down.

To Answer the Question

To address the question of Mayweather fighting McGRegor in the cage: yes, it can happen, but no one knows if it will. The chance of it not happening at this point, with all the build up, is slim to none, however, we have seen contracts fall through before due to tough negotiations. But I’m willing to bet that Mayweather and McGregor are both willing to do what it takes to make this fight happen. They’v got about 100 million reasons to.

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