Has Nate Diaz confirmed his return with a photo?

Nate Diaz hasn’t been seen since losing to Conor McGregor back at UFC 202 and fans have been wondering if and when he will return. He’s 3-4 in his last seven fights and holds victories over Michael Johnson, Gray Maynard, and Conor McGregor. Hey, that’s not too shabby. The issue is that Diaz and his camp believe that he deserves millions for his return because of those bouts with McGregor and the numbers they drew on PPV. McGregor has been a consistent draw since his rise to prominence in the UFC and Diaz has been a mainstay so they make a good pair so maybe he has a point? Back to the original point here, Nate posted a photo on Instagram with the quote, “Good work wit my boy @luke_1er Back in action #beast 👊🏼 ” leading some to speculate this is a confirmation of his return prep.

Are you excited for a potential Nate return? Is this an indication that he will return or just a tease?


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