UFC lightweight standout “Super” Sage Northcutt is only 21-years-old and with an overall record of 9-2, while going 3-2 inside the octagon, the Katy, Texas native seems to be about the nicest and most polite guy ever. The new Team Alpha Male transplant has been practicing  martial arts from a very young age but clearly this real life Karate Kid would have been on Team Miyagi, not Cobra Kai. And proving that point, he recently told the story on UFC Unfiltered of how because of his unique set of combat skills he was tasked with protecting his peers against bullies in school. Sage also said sticking up for others got him suspended and he even had to choke a kid out once.

“Growing up as a kid, people do get bullied,” Northcutt said. “I was always the kid growing up that would kind of stick up for everybody. There were a few fights I got in. I got suspended from school a few days before, but I was just sticking up for other people actually. Like one time, I had to choke someone out in school. I guess growing up as a kid I had to take care of a few of my friends and people I didn’t even know that were getting picked on and bullied.”

That’s the proper way to use those super powers Mr. Northcutt! Thank you for your services. The sport and the world could use more like you.


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