Luke Rockhold feels GSP is trying to run

Newly crowned middleweight champ Georges St. Pierre hasn’t even had the belt a week and he’s given it away to a wrestling coach. Rumors are running around the circles saying he’s done at middleweight and again it leaves the division in a bad way with contenders having no clear way to a legit title shot.

Luke Rockhold appeared on Submission Radio and spoke his mind giving insight to the potential dilemma.


Unfortunately it sounds like we have a hold up and it’s gonna take some time to iron out what’s next. . . I know he is contractually obligated to defend his belt but as we all heard on the mic, he’s backtracking and he’s trying to find his way out, seemingly.

I think it’s ridiculous if they were to let him hold onto it and not pull that. Let him relinquish that and go down to fight Tyron like it sounds like he wants to do. I think they should just get back to what made this company what it is. You go too far down the wrong trail and there’s no turning back. You go too far into Conor McGregor land and you get that fight going and the whole thing is a mess. They need to just put the best against the best in each division and stop jumping around.

With welterweight champ Tyron Woodley wanting to welcome GSP back to 170 we just may see the middleweight title in limbo again .

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