McGregor coach admits they didn’t prepare for Mayweather’s aggression

The man who was in charge of preparing Conor McGregor’s game plan against Floyd Mayweather is disappointed he didn’t anticipate the boxing legend walking Conor down. SBG Charlestown head coach Owen Roddy was a guest on The MMA Hour on Monday and told host Ariel Helwani they were happy with their strategy in the first four rounds, but once Floyd started stalking Conor, they realized they weren’t prepared for it.

“I felt the game plan that we came up with and the strategy we had for the first four rounds was really good. Conor was doing well. It was a tight fight.”

“Conor was landing shots that we worked and he was landing them often enough. In my opinion, when Mayweather switched it up and he kind of walked Conor down with the hands high and elbows in and just kept walking forward and let Conor throw shots at the arms – when we saw that we hadn’t prepared for it.”

“We tried to switch it up from rounds six or seven. We were telling Conor, ‘just keep popping one or two shots, don’t throw any more combinations – just keep it single shots, enter into the clinch and try to push him backwards.’

“I should have been aware of a game plan like that from Mayweather and that probably should’ve been done in camp. It’s hard to change things when you’re in the fight, so I’m a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t predict that he would walk forward and let Conor catch him on the arms and walk him down.”

Roddy said he watched hundreds of hours of Mayweather footage before the fight and they were expecting him to do what he does best, pop shots, sit back, shoulder roll and use a Philly shell defense. And in the early rounds Conor was having success against the style they prepped for. But once the veteran felt Conor out and what he brought to the table, Floyd changed it up and began pressuring the UFC fighter and he realized it was just a matter of time before he broke him. And broke him he did.

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