Trent Thomas Girdham aka “Niñoloco” is a 20-year-old unbeaten fighter out of Sydney, Australia who will be fighting under the Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) banner as they make their debut on the Gold Coast in December. Girdham has been dominating the regional circuit in his home country with a 50-percent finishing rate and is currently 6-0. He most recently won the Urban Fight Night 135-pound vacant title in March then won the Hex Fight Series co-main event in June. Thanks to Wade Hampel of Big Fight Management we were able to catch up with the burgeoning prospect now so you can say you know the name “Niñoloco” when you undoubtedly hear it one day on the big stage.

You started fighting MMA at a very early age. How old were you at your first fight?

I actually had my first fight when I was just 15 and I fought at 66 kilograms which was way out of my weight class still don’t fight at that weight as I’m a Bantamweight. I got knocked out and from that point I already felt the lowest low in the sport at such a young age and that’s when I know I wanted to continue to fight cause the risk was worth the reward. And when I had my first MMA fight it was only a year later which I won and haven’t lost since. I was 16, now being 20 years old with over 26 fights in total.

How is it to teenager fighting a man?

I have only just turned 20 but for the last 5 years I had been fighting grown men and I still haven’t reached my full growth potential but fighting adults was always a great feeling cause I love to prove people wrong no matter how small or young I was. I know I was more hungry and wanted it more than anyone I ever stepped in there with!!!

You are very young, can you describe how you see MMA, and how you handle your MMA career?

I see MMA and Fighting as my Life I am truly obsessed with the sport. I see my career and go through it like a game. I am always improving and know that there is always something to work on that can make me a more complete fighter. I take each fight one by one and always try to move up every fight on to a bigger better opponent and hopefully one day I will reach the boss level and be fighting for a world title.

What has been your toughest fight?

My toughest fight is yet to come. Hopefully one day soon I will finally fight someone who is as hungry as I am.

When is your next fight?

My next fight will be December 9th on the ACB card on the Gold Coast in Australia my opponent hasn’t been decided yet but I have signed to fight on the ACB card and am extremely excited to fight for them and show the world stage what I am all about and that my style is one of a kind.

What is your dream fight?

My Dream fight would to be to the fight anyone of the world champions in the major organisations cause I feel in a couple of years I will capture one of those major titles and shock the world.

Where can we follow your career?

Instagram – ninz_135
Facebook Page – Trent “Niño Loco” Girdham
Twitter – Ninz_MMA
Snapchat – trentgirdham

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