Jon Jones is no longer the GOAT at 205

With Jon Jones failing yet another drug test we can safely say, if it turns out to be true, that he is no longer the greatest of all time at 205.

Daniel Cormier has been robbed twice by Jon Jones. The first time was in 2016 before their second bout at UFC 200 and the fallout was big. Jones had to withdraw, he cried, there was a press conference, and Daniel Cormier actually had some positive words for Jon about keeping his head up. The culprit? Clomiphene. It seemed like Jon was going to turn his life around.

And thennnn…

When they began to ramp things up for a rematch at UFC 214 Cormier laid in to him about using banned substances. Jones laughed it off and his fans blasted Cormier for being petty. After defeating Daniel and taking his light heavyweight champion he was declared the greatest of all time by Dana – until last night.

Word broke that Jon had tested positive AGAIN for banned substances. This time it was turinabol which is a steroid. So once again he screwed Daniel Cormier. The fallout from this is bigger than the previous failure and here’s why.

Daniel Cormier was considered the second best light heavyweight champion of all time. No matter what he did as champion while Jon Jones was away from the UFC he was considered a placeholder. He defended the championship like a warrior fighting whoever they put in front of him without question. Still, it wasn’t enough to remove the stigma that he wasn’t the true owner of the 205 title.

Now, that Jones knocked out Cormier we have a big problem. Jones beat him twice and the second time was definitive. No matter if Jones failed another drug test and no matter what happens after it won’t matter. Cormier is stuck being the guy who lost to Jon Jones twice, and if he recaptures the belt will he ever be shown the respect he deserves?

Cormier deserves respect that he will never get. He’s a world class fighter with a record of 19-2 and as stated before he has only lost to Jon Jones. Will people turn on Jon or will they write off the win to another lapse in judgement? MMA fans are quick to forgive and if you don’t believe me then you forgot about Vitor Belfort, Chael Sonnen, and Brock Lesnar. People will still want to see them fight and forgive the failures because the three of them have those intangible qualities. Vitor is a legend, Chael Sonnen can sell a fight, and Lesnar is a freak of nature.

It’s sad, but Cormier will always have the ghost of Jon Jones hanging over the Octagon for the rest of his fighting career.

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