Billy Swanson some guys have all the luck

Before top Tennessee amateur heavyweight contender Billy “Big Sexy” Swanson goes for a national title at the UMMAF National Championship Tournament in Elizabethton, Tenn., on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, LIVE on FloCombat, the Blue Chip prospect caught up with ProMMANow.

How was your camp for this fight?

It’s going really well, mostly because I’ve got a great team behind me. My weight has come off really easy; I feel healthy. I can’t wait.

Have you been preparing for this tournament any differently than you do for a fight, knowing you may compete three times in three days?

The guys who I train with get me ready. I train with extremely tough guys — too many to name — who give me more of a challenge than anyone I’ll see in this tournament. There’s really no way to prepare for fighting so much than to finish your opponents as soon as possible, which is always my goal when I fight.

Do you have anything to say to your competitors in your heavyweight bracket?

You better be prepared. If they come in thinking that I’m not at the level everyone says I am, they’re shit out of luck. At the end of the day, “Big Sexy” will be crowned UMMAF National Champion.

What will that title mean to you?

It will mean that everything is starting to fall in place. It’s an amazing opportunity for me to gain experience and get my name out there. Being crowned a UMMAF National Champion will open up the door to go overseas, represent Tennessee at the IMMAF World Championships in Bahrain and prove that I’m knocking on the door of some of the biggest promotions in the world. It will be the start of everything.

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