AUDIO: The craziest Jim Cornette story of all time!

Terry Landell
Terry Landell

Let’s have some fun. In my best over dramatic wrestling voices:

In this corner…

He is a wrestling legend, czar, and the tennis racket wielding self-proclaimed leader of the Cult of Cornette. He has managed many tag teams in his career, but none as famously as The Midnight Express. He is one of the most influential and memorable characters in the ring and out. He is James E. Cornette!

In the other corner (using Cornette lingo)…

He is a fat, dumpy, disreputable, despicable, and dishonest tub of wrestling lard. He is the mace sprayer, the egg layer, the woman flee-er, and the pants pee-er. He is so fat that people try to jump over him because it would take too long to go around. He is Terry, sorry Buddy he stole your last name, Landell!

Jim Cornette was involved in the Knoxville wrestling scene with his Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion. Things were going well, but there is always a pimple on the behind of even the greatest man. This pimple’s name was Terry Landell.

Landell would do things like take down signs of rival promotions around town, schedule free shows at places like used car lots against competition, and show up at events causing trouble. Landell is perhaps one of if not the most disliked Tennessee wrestling promoters in history. Want proof? Enter Cornette.

On his podcast, Jim told the most epic story in the history of Smoky Mountain Wrestling, maybe the best Cornette story of all time. So we present to you courtesy of The Jim Cornette Experience, the entire Terry Landell saga. Complete with attempted murder.

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