shane campbell

Before Shane “Shaolin” Campbell challenges Tristan Connelly for the Unified MMA Lightweight Championship on June 9 in Edmonton, Alta., Canada, the hard-hitting UFC vet caught up with ProMMANow.

What are your thoughts on fighting for this championship?

It’s an opportunity to showcase my skills in front of Edmonton, once again and hold it down for the city. I’ve got a bit team behind me and I’ve got to lead by example. 

What did you take away from your last fight?

I took away a lot. I grew in a lot of aspects. I’m a very dynamic fighter and a lot of the things I did in this fight I never did in a fight before that. So, that’s a huge growth for me. 

Did you watch Tristan’s fight or did you bail after your fight?

I don’t bail. I cornered two other guys that night and we watched it. All I’ve got to say is I’m glad that he’s holding my belt for me. 

Was there anything special you saw, or is he just another body?

They’re all just bodies to me. Every fight is a stepping stone to something greater. 

Where do you think he stacks up in terms of all of your opponents?

I have no idea with Tristan. I really don’t care. I didn’t look into Jose Rodriguez. Getting into this fight, I’m going to have a couple of my coaches look into Tristan’s better techniques and I’ll take their word on what we should train. I don’t study my opponents that close.

What will that Unified MMA Lightweight Championship belt mean for you?

I‘m bringing it home for my team. We’ve got a big crew behind us and they want it probably more than I do. I’ve got thirteen belts already, this isn’t much beyond more credentials at this point. I want to hold it down for Edmonton and be the best. 

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