With a record of 36-0 and 33 knockouts, 34-year-old Kazakhstani boxer Gennady Golovkin is as about as serious as it gets inside a boxing ring. This weekend he will defend his undefeated record against Daniel Jacobs (32-1) at Madison Square Garden.

With all the talk of Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor in the news, Golovkin was asked by FightNews his thoughts on McGregor and whether or not he would be up to fighting the UFC’s Irish superstar.

“I have problem. No kids. No animals. No women. Only boxing, because I’m a boxer. True boxer. I’m not a showman. I respect my sport. I’m a very serious guy. Seriously, you want to watch true fight? Please, you are welcome Saturday night. Not sideshow. Not funny show. Old school.”

Comparatively, Mayweather’s record is 49-0 with 26 knockouts. He’s a much more defensive fighter than Triple G and the risk of Conor getting knocked out is much less. But Conor against Triple G? Wow, now that could be brutal.

It’s interesting that Mayweather recently said he was “old school” too when talking about a fight against Conor.


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