Mayweather to McGregor: ‘You belong to the UFC’

mayweather vs mcgregorFloyd Mayweather just might be the biggest name in the UFC, cause the UFC’s biggest star and highest profile champion, Conor McGregor, can’t keep Mayweather’s name out his mouth. At least that’s Floyd’s take on it and, he’s kind of got a point. McGregor has won two UFC titles, has yet to defend either and continues to clamor for a boxing match against the now retired legend.

So why has the fight between Mayweather and McGregor yet to happen? Floyd lays it out here. He’s his own boss and he’s ready to make the deal, Conor is not his own boss, he “belongs to the UFC” and it appears if the fight is ever going to happen, the UFC is going to want their fair share of the proceeds.

“A lot of times with competitors and athletes and fighters we can ask for certain things that we really don’t want, ‘I want to fight, I want to fight’. There’s a lot of barking but there’s no biting there. When you talk about biting, sign the contract. Don’t talk the shit, if you really want to fight, sign the fucking contract and we can make it happen. So, just letting the world know that he’s full of shit and he don’t really want to fight.’Oh I wanna fight, I wanna fight, I wanna fight, Mayweather’s scared of me.’ Well, listen. I’m my own boss, let’s make the fight happen. You talking all that shit, you acting like you want to fight. I don’t think you really want to fight. Sign the contract and let’s make it happen. I’m my own boss, it’s Mayweather Promotions. We’re the past, present and future of sports entertainment. And you belong to the UFC and you don’t own anything.”

Floyd also gives Conor some advice, “don’t bid yourself out”, accept that you’re the B-side on this deal and he’s the A-side.

“And don’t bid yourself out. Let’s make the fight happen. Just like when I went out there and I competed at one particular time, I had to be the B side. I didn’t cry, I didn’t complain, when they brought the money to the table, I took it, kicked ass and became the A side. Now I’m the A side. Come kick my ass and you become the A side.”

And for those who ever considered Floyd might actually step into Conor’s world and take an actual mixed martial arts fight against UFC champion. Forget about it. He’s “old school”.

“Real men fight standing up. I’m from the old school. I’m not gonna kick my shoes off, I’m not gonna be in between no man’s legs wrestling on the ground, I’ma stand up and I’ma kick ass. That’s what I do.”

Final thoughts Floyd?

“Conor McGregor stop blowing smoke up people’s ass you little bitch. If you wanna fight, let’s make it happen punk.”

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