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I sure was looking forward to watching Derrick Lewis‘s post-fight interview again following his knockout win over Travis Browne at UFC Fight Night 105 Sunday night in Halifax. “The Black Beast” must be a PR nightmare for the corporate owned company after he once again referenced Browne “putting his hands on women” in the interview, and not only that, but he went one step further saying, “Where Ronda Rousey fine ass at?” Ronda is Browne’s significant other in case you’re out of the loop.

Yes, he went there. Derrick Lewis has zero f*cks left to give.

In the post-fight interview posted by UFC on their Youtube page, both those references have been edited out. This reminds me of them of not including Holly Holm’s KO of Rousey in their “Top 8 Finishes” video leading up to UFC 208 that was supposed to highlight some of the best moments of fighters on that card. Yet, how could they leave off arguably the most reverberating knockout of all time (definitely in women’s MMA) when Holm was fighting in the main event? That’s ridiculous.

Still, they did include some of Lewis’s other memorable comments in the post-fight interview including his response when asked how badly he was hurt from those body kicks in round 1.

“I just gotta do number two, that’s all. It’s not really hurting from the kick, I just gotta booboo.”

Lewis also explained why he needs a few months to rest after this one.

“I need a break. Fighting every other month, or every two months like that has put me in a bad mood at home with my family, so I just feel like I need some time off. I don’t want to hear nothing about no fighting in the next three months. … Plus all the training and all the sex I’ve been getting, yeah my body needs some time off.”

Currently riding a six-fight winning streak with five knockouts, Lewis is the best thing going in the UFC’s heavyweight division right now. And when you combine that with his “realness”, humor and humility, “The Black Beast” is very entertaining on all fronts.

Do I understand why the UFC is censoring him? Yes, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Check out more entertainment from Derrick Lewis during the post-fight press conference.

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