North Carolina based Strikeforce middleweight Derek Brunson will debut next week

Anderson Silva got a bit of a gift decision against rising middleweight Derek Brunson at UFC 208 with one judge even giving him all three rounds. According to Fight Metric stats it wasn’t the worst robbery we’ve seen and one can imagine how “The Spider’s” legendary status and flashy style could have swayed the judges a bit. It was just one of several weird things that went down that night in Brooklyn. But for Brunson it has to sting. If you just look at the stats, he should have won and he lost out on his win money and a career-defining moment against one of the greatest of all time. Since then Brunson has been bombarded with inquiries about his thoughts on the decision, and sometimes you just have to move on. Derek posted the following statement on social media┬áMonday clarifying why he feels he deserved the decision, and with that, he’s done talking about it.

UFC 208 in summary (probably a good read):

To those who say move on. Leave your house unlocked and let someone come in and take whatever they want. Don’t file a police report, move on cause it happened. Don’t be a poor sport, people get robbed all the time. One more let your wife or gf have an affair, suck it up the same day cry baby it happens, stop bringing it up move it. I think you got my point by now. Fighting Anderson Silva was a signature and career defining moment that was stolen from me. I watched the fight twice today with a group of people. We scored the fight giving myself only the solid strikes I landed. We gave Anderson the strikes landed and the punches it look like he landed.

Round 1: I landed 39 kicks and punches to Anderson 8. We measured each other for 2 minute in the middle of the octagon, the next 2 minutes I threw fakes backing him up and had him against the cage where I dirty boxed. He then came forward the last 45 secs trying a flying knee in which I blocked and he landed on his back and I was on top of him getting off 2 punches. Clear round for me.

Round 2: I landed 16 he landed 16 but I had a takedown. Only round I could see going to Anderson

Round 3: I was the early aggressor landing jab leg kick and straight left uppercut hook when the round started cause I could’ve seen it being 1-1. I landed 31 kicks and punches and got a takedown with 1:30 left. Anderson landed 18 strikes (7 was from his back where they don’t usually count).

In conclusion several say he defended takedowns, you do not get points for defending takedowns or punches. You only get credit for landing. He’s a high level striker, I did not fight scared or showed him too much respect. I’ve sparred and trained with top kick boxers and Jon Jones for years who’s the best fighter currently. But Anderson’s counter striking is better than all. So I had to be patient otherwise he finishes you like others in the past.Never leave to judges lol. That’s what judges are for. Otherwise make it a fight to finish or someone quits. Dumbest statement ever. 19 of 23 media outlets had me winning. Including Dana who said it on an interview Fox Sports after the fight Ariel Helwani, Damon and Cormier along with 85% of others.

I clearly won 29-28, some may say 30-27 but for sure 29-28. I lost a win, money and a career defining win over a legend who I would’ve been honored to have. Don’t ask me anymore about the fight I’m done talking about it. On to the next!

Check out fight video highlights of Anderson Silva vs. Derek Brunson at UFC 208.

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