Mark Hunt Continues Fight Against Brock Lesnar/UFC Doping Fiasco

Anyone who thought that Mark Hunt would quickly back down from his contention with the UFC has been proven wrong; Hunt is becoming a thorn in the side of the UFC, raising hell over his bout with Brock Lesnar, the most prolific fight of his life and which surprised many MMA odds enthusiasts.

Hunt lost to the former UFC Heavyweight champion by decision, with complications arising when Lesnar tested for banned substances before and during the competition. While Lesnar was suspended until a full hearing was adjudicated, Hunt has continued to demand that Lesnar gives him half of his $2.5 million purse as compensation for what he describes as humiliation.

Hunt has gone so far as to threaten to leave the UFC if his demands are not met. Hunt has made a point to attack the UFC over the ineffective nature of their doping policy. He hasn’t ruled out taking legal action against them.

When interviewed on SiriusXM Radio, Christina Denning, Hunt’s lawyer reminded everyone that, at 40, Hunt was getting older. So the idea of fighting juicers no longer appealed to him.

Losing to someone like Brock Lesnar isn’t merely humiliating, it actually damages Hunt’s brand. And because Juicers like Lesnar are an obstacle to the advancement of Hunt’s career, Hunt wants all future bout agreements to include clauses that provide compensation for non-doping fighters who face opponents that are eventually proven to have doped.

This, according to Hunt, would act as a deterrent. It should be noted that Hunt commented about Brock Lesnar being juiced even before the fight, so the fact that Hunt still consented to the fight despite his beliefs explains why some people have bashed his stance against the UFC.

Additionally, before Lesnar, two other fighters that faced Hunt also failed drug tests; so the fact that Lesnar is the only one to attract such an aggressive reaction from Hunt makes no sense to his critics.

According to Christina, Hunt’s lawyer, Lesnar’s situation was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back; after a career encumbered by opponents who were cheating, Christina claimed that Hunt had simply had enough.

Hunt claims that he has been harboring his rage against dopers for a very long time; the UFC was attractive to Hunt primarily because it had very strict anti-doping policies in place. As such, Hunt feels like he has been let down by the organization he trusted.

And this is despite the fact that he still wants to fight for the UFC. The idea of facing another doper is what scares him, especially as his career begins to wane. With a family and an uncertain future, Hunt is no longer willing to put up with dopers who get away with a slap on the wrist and the winnings he believes he deserves.

For the moment, Hunt is trying to resolve the situation without turning to the law. The UFC looks like it might offer Hunt a rematch with heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos in order to assuage his anger.

Hunt refused to fight dos Santos in the upcoming UFC 206 because the UFC had refused to agree to his terms and proposals for bout agreements. For the moment, Hunt and the UFC look like they might find a way to work things out before the courts of law become the only recourse.