mak kelleher

Before Mak Kelleher returns to the CES MMA cage for CES MMA 37 on August 12 in Lincoln, R.I., he caught up with

How does it feel to be coming back to fight for CES MMA

It feels great to be back fighting for CES MMA. It’s always a great show, and I feel at home when I’m there. I can’t wait to put on another exciting show for the fans, CES MMA and my family and friends!

Was there any hesitation to accept this fight with Dylan Lockard?

There was no hesitation when asked to accept the fight. In fact, I didn’t even look up my opponent; I simply told (CES MMA Matchmaker Pat Sullivan) I’ll take the fight. To me, it doesn’t really matter right now who my opponent is; I just have to train hard in all aspects and I’ll be ready for whoever, as long as I believe in myself and you will see that on August 12.

How do you see this fight going — do you expect another FOTN?

I see myself getting a finish this fight. I can’t say where because I feel confident in all aspects of the game and wherever the fight may go, I’m gonna look to finish. I always see myself getting Fight of the Night because when I get in there, I like to have fun and show all the skills I have. But this prize also depends on my opponent and what he has to offer, because it takes two for this award.

Where would you like to be one year from today?

A year from today, I would like to be on my way to a CES MMA title shot in the featherweight division or possibly on to my debut in the UFC. One of my inspirations is my brother, who I believe should be in the UFC already! He trains day in and day out — the hardest I’ve seen anyone train — and keeps knocking people out of his way. The UFC is in short distance from him and then I’m next!

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