rousey_holm_ufc193_thumbUFC President Dana White was a guest on ESPN’s Mike & Mike show this week talking about Holly Holm‘s (10-0) upset of Ronda Rousey (12-1) for the women’s bantamweight title at UFC 193 last month. Many have been wondering about what’s next for Rousey and who Holm will fight next as well. Now we know. White confirmed there will be a rematch.

White said:

“I think that if we didn’t make the rematch, me and [UFC CEO] Lorenzo [Fertitta] should probably lose our promoters’ license if we didn’t make that rematch. Yeah, that fight’s going to happen. I don’t know when, but that’s the fight that will happen.”

“Ronda Rousey has gone undefeated, taken the sport to another level and was beating the best women in the world in 14 seconds or 30 seconds, so she deserves a rematch. Holly agrees she deserves a rematch, and we’ll figure it out.”

If you read our article, Here’s Ronda Rousey’s next move, you know that I think Rousey should NOT fight Holm next in a rematch. Although no date or timetable of when the rematch is supposed to happen was talked about, what could Ronda learn within the next 3-6-12 months that would likely change the outcome against Holm?

In my humble opinion, Ronda should move up to 145-pounds, usher in the UFC women’s featherweight division by fighting Cris Cyborg and just sit on this rematch with Holm. All in due time. But if she loses twice to Holm back-to-back, then what? And she has a better shot at beating Cyborg at this point.

This immediate rematch is the easy cash grab for the UFC, but it’s not the best move for the biggest star the company has ever had.

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