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“Mystic Mac” aka Conor McGregor is back at it again with his predictions. On Wednesday’s UFC 194 media conference call McGregor was questioned about an immediate rematch with Jose Aldo if he were to defeat him on Dec. 12 to unify the featherweight titles.

McGregor described his vision of the outcome of the fight:

“If he can give me a war and earn a rematch well then we can do a rematch. I just don’t see him answering the bell for the second round. I can’t see his face or his body at the beginning of the second round. I see him KO’d inside of one and when you KO a man inside of one there’s no need for a rematch. If he can come and he can bring a war we can do this and trade for five rounds or whatever, then maybe I’ll consider a rematch, but I feel that he won’t get up off the stool and answer that bell for the second round.”

What you may not know is that Conor has been making correct predictions for several years now, hence the nickname “Mystic Mac”. He just recently bet the UFC brass that he’d KO Chad Mendes in round 2, and he did! He predicted Aldo would pull out of their first scheduled fight — and he did! Remember when Conor said he’d stop Dustin Poirier in the first round? And he did.

Call it luck of the Irish or maybe Conor is using divination tools of his Celtic ancestors, whatever the case, if he gets this one right, “Mystic Mac” is definitely for real.

Listen to Conor’s parts from the UFC 194 call below:


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