Boxing champion Layla McCarter on Ronda Rousey: ‘I would knock her out, plain and simple’

layla mccarter
Layla McCarter
Thirty-six-year-old Layla McCarter has been boxing professionally since 1998. Ronda Rousey was 11 years-old at the time and starting to get into judo. It would be several years before Rousey would go on to win an Olympic medal in 2008 and then have her first pro MMA fight in 2011. All that time “Amazing” Layla McCarter was slugging it out in the squared circle putting together a 36-13-5 record with 8 KOs and multiple world titles.

Now that Rousey has conquered mixed martial arts, assuming she gets past Holly Holm in a couple weeks, the World’s Most Dominant Athlete has made it known she would like to become a boxing champion as well. Rousey has stated she hasn’t really trained judo since she took up MMA and has mainly focused on boxing. There is marked improvement in her striking of late, having stopped girls with knees and punches. And we’ve all seen the numerous clips of Rousey hitting mitts, shadow-boxing and hitting the heavy bag over the years. She really has progressed, although she still has that tendency to take a shot to give a shot. Her offense seems to be better than her defense, but her offense is so aggressive that her opponents generally just get crushed, on the ground, and now on the feet.

Layla was on a recent episode of The Brutally Honest Show and talked about Rousey wanting to make the move to boxing and a potential matchup, after all, McCarter recently called her out (see second video below). She at least knows she would not stand a chance against Rousey in a mixed martial arts rules fight. There’s no way. But if Rousey wants to come over to boxing, that’s a whole different story according to the veteran.

“Any day she [Rousey] wanted to have a boxing lesson I’d give her one,” McCarter stated. “This is what I do for a living, I’m not going to go challenge her in MMA, she’d kick my butt. She’d grab my arm and break it. So I know my limitations, and I know what I’m good at, and boxing is my sport. If she’d ever like to cross over, which would be a dumb thing for her to do, but if she ever did, I would knock her out. Plain and simple.”

How would Rousey fare in a boxing match with Layla McCarter? That’s a big experience deficit Rousey would be carrying into that fight. She did carry a similar disadvantage going into MMA, but we’re talking about Rousey making her pro boxing debut against a world champion with McCarter.

Listen to Layla’s full interview with our Brutally Honest friends:

Check out McCarter in BKB’s first female fight in history against Diana Prazak. This clip shows the seventh and final round as McCarter gets the finish. AND SHE CALLS OUT ROUSEY AFTER THE FIGHT!

Who do you think would win against Layla McCarter and Ronda Rousey in a boxing match?

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