Boxing champion Layla McCarter on Ronda Rousey: ‘I would knock her out, plain and simple’

layla mccarter
Layla McCarter
Thirty-six-year-old Layla McCarter has been boxing professionally since 1998. Ronda Rousey was 11 years-old at the time and starting to get into judo. It would be several years before Rousey would go on to win an Olympic medal in 2008 and then have her first pro MMA fight in 2011. All that time “Amazing” Layla McCarter was slugging it out in the squared circle putting together a 36-13-5 record with 8 KOs and multiple world titles.

Now that Rousey has conquered mixed martial arts, assuming she gets past Holly Holm in a couple weeks, the World’s Most Dominant Athlete has made it known she would like to become a boxing champion as well. Rousey has stated she hasn’t really trained judo since she took up MMA and has mainly focused on boxing. There is marked improvement in her striking of late, having stopped girls with knees and punches. And we’ve all seen the numerous clips of Rousey hitting mitts, shadow-boxing and hitting the heavy bag over the years. She really has progressed, although she still has that tendency to take a shot to give a shot. Her offense seems to be better than her defense, but her offense is so aggressive that her opponents generally just get crushed, on the ground, and now on the feet.

Layla was on a recent episode of The Brutally Honest Show and talked about Rousey wanting to make the move to boxing and a potential matchup, after all, McCarter recently called her out (see second video below). She at least knows she would not stand a chance against Rousey in a mixed martial arts rules fight. There’s no way. But if Rousey wants to come over to boxing, that’s a whole different story according to the veteran.

“Any day she [Rousey] wanted to have a boxing lesson I’d give her one,” McCarter stated. “This is what I do for a living, I’m not going to go challenge her in MMA, she’d kick my butt. She’d grab my arm and break it. So I know my limitations, and I know what I’m good at, and boxing is my sport. If she’d ever like to cross over, which would be a dumb thing for her to do, but if she ever did, I would knock her out. Plain and simple.”

How would Rousey fare in a boxing match with Layla McCarter? That’s a big experience deficit Rousey would be carrying into that fight. She did carry a similar disadvantage going into MMA, but we’re talking about Rousey making her pro boxing debut against a world champion with McCarter.

Listen to Layla’s full interview with our Brutally Honest friends:

Check out McCarter in BKB’s first female fight in history against Diana Prazak. This clip shows the seventh and final round as McCarter gets the finish. AND SHE CALLS OUT ROUSEY AFTER THE FIGHT!

Who do you think would win against Layla McCarter and Ronda Rousey in a boxing match?

15 thoughts on “Boxing champion Layla McCarter on Ronda Rousey: ‘I would knock her out, plain and simple’”

  1. Will withhold my final decision after the Rousey Holm fight in Australia (UFC 193) but the way Ronda has been knocking out opponents (not stoppages due to strikes but knocked the F–k out,) in 16 seconds and 34 seconds, I believe Ronda could knock BOTH Layla’s asses out!
    (for those of you who are IQ challenged, I’m talking about Layla McCarter AND Layla Ali)
    Ronda does NOT win with a TKO, she knocks you the F–k out…Faceplant, no extra charge.

  2. I appreciate your reply Jack. There are PLENTY of detractors out there against Ronda but if you look at all the betting sites, she is the overwhelming favorite.Even in a fight against Chris Cyborg, Ronda is the favorite at any weight Chris chooses to show up at.(and no matter how much steroids she shoots up)
    The same would be true in a boxing match-up in an “Exhibition” bout with Ronda and Layla.
    These betting sites HAVE to make $$$ and they will not bet against a knockout machine like Ronda just to make themselves ‘feel’ better.

    People WAY smarter than me, actually agree with me (by proxy)

    Anyway, boxers (world champions I might add) are NOT knocking people out with regularity like Ronda is and in mere seconds
    This is EASY math to do if you have the gift of rational thought.

    I address my next statement directly to Layla McCarter:
    “Layla; Ronda will knock you the F–K out when you get off your bicycle and engage with her in a TRUE boxing match”.(forget about MMA just straight boxing)
    Same scenario with Holly. Ronda WANTS to prove her mettle against a decorated boxer like Holly. She wants to justify her existence on the cover of Ring Magazine and make the move into women’s boxing and bring some well deserved interest back into the sport that apparently only RRR is capable of.

  3. Ronda would get her ass hurt. Amanda Serrano has already called out Ronda and we’ve heard not a peep from the hype job — too busy hiding beneath Dana’s skirt.

  4. Amanda is certainly a badd ass who hasn’t put anybody to sleep just stoppages due to strikes but here’s my thoughts.
    1st, Ronda is busy kicking everybody’s ass both in sparring and the Octagon and hasn’t had time to address all the ‘call outs’ in her life
    2nd, let’s see how Roda does against a boxer that could very likely kick Amanda’s ass.
    If Ronda beats Holly by out striking her or even knocks Holly out, we can assume that Ronda could knock Amanda out with heavier gloves. (it’s a myth that boxing gloves protect the head more than MMA gloves, they protect the hand more but add striking WEIGHT to the fist)
    Anyway, either way, Ronda has been knocking out Champion women boxers with 14 oz gloves AND with headgear on.
    Lets convene back here after the Rousey/Holm fight and see where you stand on this issue then.

  5. Ronda’s been beating accountants and housewives. Let’s be clear about that. The Puerto Rican chick that called Ronda out would turn her lights out in less than two rounds, if that long. Beating Holly Holm in an MMA match is not the same as stepping into a ring and beating a professional boxer. MMA rules will apply in Australia.

    There’s a reason Ronda wants to melt Cyborg down to 135. She knows she’d get eaten alive at 145.

  6. Hey dollarbill4life:
    For someone who is living in an alternate universe, you make a few good points that deserve scrutiny.
    Here’s a challenge 4 U dollarbill4life:
    When Ronda transfers over to boxing and starts knocking out the boxers you hold so highly….think about this very moment.

  7. Ronda will never transfer over to female boxing. If Ronda and Dana are too petrified of her fighting Cyborg in MMA at 145 lbs., what in God’s name makes you think they’d risk her getting bludgeoned by an accomplished female boxer? This chick has 14 MMA fights vs. accountants and housewives and fan boys like you are ready to induct her into the Sports HOF.

    I don’t think she’ll lose Saturday to Holm, but in the event that she does, please don’t commit suicide — we can find you another female action hero soon to replace Ronda. It’ll be alright.

  8. Very creative!
    The suicide comment was poignant and caught me off guard.
    Got a laugh out of the “Action Hero” thing but you forgot to include “Soccer Moms” in you list of accountants and housewives.
    Look dollarbill4life, here’s the thing…
    Time will tell and the winner of our disagreement will be revealed soon enough.
    Ronda will not fight again until UFC 200. At that time, Ronda’s opponent will no doubt be Cyborg even if she does not make weight (Cyborg in notorious for not making weight and ESPECIALLY in the fight against Ronda @ UFC 200) so that argument will be resolved between us and then we’ll see if Ronda has some boxing chops but I expect a full list of excuses from you when Ronda kicks Cyborg’s ass.
    Keep in touch!
    PS> This is more of a statement than a question:
    According to all accounts, Cyborg wakes up @ 175-180 Lbs “Jacked” and “Ripped”
    I don’t know many men that can pull that off (Super Sage Northcutt maybe?) without some kind of chemical help (read steroids/PED’s etc) You think a woman (we’re talking real world here now) can walk around looking like Chris under even the most stringent workout schedule?
    Here’s a quote from RRR.
    “I don’t care if she injects Horse Semen into her eyeballs or how much she weighs, I’ll still win that fight”.

    I know she’ll win and ALL the odds makers agree with me by proxy.
    With every knockout, Ronda’s stock as well as favorable odds goes up in a Rowdy/Cyborg matchup..
    Please do the math dollarbill3life. (not a typo) ;)

  9. The oddsmakers favor Ronda because she’s the meal ticket. The “meal ticket/house fighter” always gets the Vegas love. You should know this. Remember the Donaire-Rigondeaux fight? Donaire was a 2:1 favorite because that’s who the industry NEEDED to win to keep the gravy train rolling along, but Donaire was not the better fighter and the judges in NYC didn’t play the promoter’s game, so he lost and all of the industry folks were left red-faced.

    Same thing will happen when Cyborg kicks Ronda’s ass — you will see mass suicides. Ronda is the “tough” little white girl who can supposedly stand up to and humble men, “Girl Power Meets Media Hype in Overdrive”, so to speak.

    The problem with your narrative is the fact that Ronda’s striking ability does not exist — it’s fictional. If she can get inside vs. Holm and use her superior core strength and judo skills, she’s gonna get her ass kicked. I suspect that Holm will get tired around Round 3 and get taken down and that will be that. But if she can somehow stay outside, she will kick Ronda’s ass. Go watch the tape of Cyborg fighting the tall Swedish chick in a 5 round kickboxing match. Cyborg got her ass kicked because kickboxing is a whole different animal and that chick was a master at the chest kick. Same will happen to Rousey if she tries to outbox or outkick Holm. Remember you heard it here first.

  10. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! You were saying, Joe? You might have to grow another beard now, huh? What happened to THE BADDEST WOMAN ON THE PLANET? That looked like one of those prison yard beat downs — I thought Ronda stole Holly’s Newports! Dana White was as pale as a ghost afterwards. Oh, well — time to go create another HYPE JOB.

  11. My prediction is that if Ronda had kicked Holly’s ass I wouldn’t be getting an apology from you but I’m an honorable person so here it is: (mind you that the original subject on this thread was between Ronda and Layla)
    “I was wrong, you were right”. Congratulations!
    You certainly saw this coming Pal.
    I almost checked myself into the Emergency Room to get treated for shock. NO ONE was more shocked than me..
    Holly was so much stronger than Ronda, I wouldn’t be surprised if she tests dirty. (which would re-instate Ronda) but the upset was so ‘GLOBAL’ that i’m not sure they would bother to do anything about it.
    This is bigger than the Mike Tyson / Buster Douglass upset.

  12. No need to apologize. My point was to show that greatness is not made with photo ops and social media trending. The main difference between Ronda and Tyson is the fact that Mike actually fought and beat legit fighters on his way to the top, while Rousey feasted on accountants and housewives.

    I predicted Ronda would win because I never expected Holly to have the core strength to withstand her bull rushes and grappling. Something shocking occurred — Holm outmuscled Ronda and even deposited her on her wallet.

    Rousey has no boxing skills whatsoever. That’s her main problem. When you’re a bully and have only one way to win, you eventually get exposed.

  13. Up to now, Ronda has been the strongest one in this division.
    Here’s my question:
    Holly was SO much stronger than Ronda in this fight, will Holly test dirty? And if she does test positive for PED’s, will the UFC even do anything about it?

  14. I see you have a built-in excuse for your hero’s destruction already. What makes you think Holm will test dirty? Have you ever just stopped to think that maybe while training with Jon Jones in New Mexico, Holly did a lot of work on core strength?

    Ronda got her can kicked because she thought she truck Holly like she’s trucked all the other broads, but Holm gave her a boxing lesson and then disposed of her with a nice kick to the jawbone. Rousey is lucky a split lip and wounded pride is all she suffered.

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