WWE Monday Night Raw 7/6/15 live results, updates, video highlights

wwe raw logoJoin us here at PMN tonight for LIVE updates from Monday Night Raw taking place in Chicago. Word has it that Brock Lesnar will be returning tonight. What more do you need to know? The action kicks off at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT.

* Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman open the show. Heyman has heard Seth Rollins will be there tonight, and although he and Lesnar will face off at Battleground, Heyman expects Lesnar to take him to Suplex City tonight.

* Ryback vs. Big Show — Miz grabs the mic ringside and taunts Big Show. Big Show with a choke slam and elbow off the ropes on Ryback and is about to pin him when Miz jumps in and attacks them both. Ryback and Big Show trap him in the ring. Ryback shellshocks him and Big Show choke slams him. Big Show turns around to a clothesline from Ryback┬áto end the segment.

* Brie Bella vs. Paige — Paige puts up a valiant effort against Brie, as well as Nikki and Alicia Fox at ringside. But Brie ultimately gets the best of her and slams her face first for the finish. Nikki and Alicia get some payback afterward.

* Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus — After Bray Wyatt intervenes and distracts Reigns, Sheamus wins via count out. Randy Orton attacks Sheamus after the match and ends him with an RKO.

* Seth Rollins gets some probably bad advice from HHH on how to handle the Brock Lesnar situation tonight. Rollins decides he should call out Lesnar to get in front of this thing. I suspect that will be a bad move for Bieber.

* Rusev, still on crutches and with Summer Rae, comes out to bad mouth Lana and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler and Lana come out and join them in the ring and kiss right in front of Rusev and Summer. Rusev assaults Ziggler with his crutches and Summer attacks Lana. Ziggler leaves on a stretcher after taking a crutch to the neck.

* Bo Dallas vs. Dean Ambrose — Ambrose finishes Bo with a Dirty Deeds.

* R-Truth vs. King Barrett — R-Truth comes off the ropes to meet a Royal Bullhammer from Barrett for the finish.

* Seth Rollins comes out with J&J Security to call out Brock Lesnar. They all three are wielding axe handles. Lesnar comes out and Heyman wheels out a chest and Lesnar takes out two fireman’s axes from it. Lesnar uses the axes to smash up J&J’s new Cadillac that was given to them by Rollins. He wrecks it. J&J come out to attack Lesnar and they get wrecked. He suplexes one onto the hood of the car, breaking the window. They other he breaks his arm with a kimura. Now Lesnar goes after Rollins, who literally runs out of the ring and building. He left his belt and Lesnar picks it up and raises it in the air.

Watch Lesnar wreak havoc on the Cadillac!

* Lucha Dragons vs. New Day — Prime Time Players on guest commentary. Big E holds a Lucha Dragon as Kofi comes off the ropes on him. Big E with the pin.

* John Cena vs. Cesaro — Kevin Owens comes out to challenge for John Cena’s U.S. Title but Cesaro interrupts and says he deserves the shot at Cena. Owens walks away but something tells me we haven’t seen the last of him tonight. After several near pins from both guys, Cena finishes Cesaro with an AA off the second rope. Owens attacks Cena after the match but also gets AA’d.

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